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Recap: SSA Showroom Exhibitors Experienced Success and Camaraderie at The Las Vegas Summer Market

Furniture World News Desk on 8/5/2022

Winners! Left is Jennifer Medlock from Sleep EZ in Tempe, AZ with SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones; Right is Michael Cherry from Sweet Dreams Mattress in Nederland, TX.
Winners! Left is Jennifer Medlock from Sleep EZ in Tempe, AZ with SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones; Right is Michael Cherry from Sweet Dreams Mattress in Nederland, TX.

That’s a wrap for another Las Vegas Market in the Specialty Sleep Association’s Sleep Pavilion. While traffic numbers didn’t surprise, their “CA$H for Scan” event created an exciting buzz for their exhibitors – some even calling it their BEST market yet.

The Business:
“The SSA showroom is an integral part of the Las Vegas Furniture Market”, stated Scott Smalling Chief Retail and Innovation Director for Emma. “There has not been a market over the last 17 years that I haven’t made it a priority to visit and see what’s new and innovative in the SSA showroom or have a space myself like we have for the last 2 markets,” continued Smalling. “At the end of the day your company is responsible for your attendees, but in this space another advantage is to catch the attention of buyers who maybe didn’t come to visit with you specifically, this happened several times for us at this market.”


This sentiment is echoed among the companies who present their products with the SSA. During the Covid strife, Denny Boyd and Boyd Sleep had moved out of their very large showroom in Building B. Boyd took a spot with the SSA to present particular items to a target audience. After the show, Denny said, “Our Boyd Sleep booth was attended by customers from both the East and West Coast as well as the Midwest. We were pleased to see several of our larger customers at the show.” VP of Sales and Marketing for Boyd, Kris Mattina said, “Boyd Sleep appreciated the opportunity to show in the SSA showroom during the August Furniture Market this year, during a transitional time frame as our company navigates a showroom change. The SSA suite buzzes with the synergistic vibe of customers, colleagues and friends committed to bringing healthy sleep products to the marketplace and did a great job attracting customers aligned with our "Quality Sleep" focus. Thanks for being such a highly effective much appreciated industry resource.”


“We had 80% of our appointments from west of the Mississippi show up this Market,” said I Love Pillow|I Love Mattress National Sales Director of Independent Retail, Scott Montegue. “I thought is was good overall traffic.” Jane Arason, Arason Entrprises Owner expected a slower market, “We did not have any appointments and none of our Reps came to the summer market - but - we did open two new stores. That is what makes a market successful. Overall the experience at the SSA Pavilion was good. We are not a big enough company to pull in a lot of buyers, so for us being with a group that pulls in more buyers is good.” Subdued appointment sets were also felt by Brent Polunsky at W. Silver Products. “A couple of weeks before the market, I started getting notified that the dealers that I am accustomed to seeing at this market were not going to attend, and so I expected attendance to be down. I felt the overall attendance at the market was down, however I visited with dealers that were serious about finding new suppliers, and not just looking around on a market/vacation trip.”


Scott Frisch, US Sales for Bedline had a very good summer market, and thought that this particular show was their best one yet. Said Frisch, “Being an entirely new company to the US, as well as a relatively new product (Bedline’s storage platform beds), we’ve had a particular set of goals, given our product only launches this fall.  Having said that, prospects from Washington to Florida came by and showed really great interest.” Frisch continued, “This is our third market in with the SSA over what we might call a subdued period (Covid), we can say it was surprisingly the best show ever.  Not only in the number of new customers, but a consensus that we really have a new bedroom category to offer.” He had one last comment to make to SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones, “Thanks once again for an outstanding job. It’s amazing to see how SSA has morphed into not only being relevant, but a proven launch pad for many.”


Brand new to Las Vegas and the US Market is Nasif Akin with international product and resource company Beli Plast. “We saw prospects from Canada and the west coast. It was great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves and the products.” Akin continued, “We had a positive experience. The event was well organized, planned and supported by SSA and Tambra. It is an opportunity for new companies to participate in such big event.”


Sleep & Beyond National Sales Manager Butch Craig always brings the point around to how companies prepare for and execute their time at market. “We were pleasantly surprised this market, however when you stay positive, plan your work / work your plan, and keep reminding yourself that 80% of success is showing up and 20% follow up, you will find success!” Coach Butch continued, “The SSA Pavilion has always had a sweet sweet spirit of caring, planning, and making sure that everyone gets the attention and encouragement to keep showing up at every market. There is joy in knowing each member is part of a team that really and truly loves the buyers that come through the SSA showroom each market. Always remember, you have to be in the game to win it, moving forward together one buyer - one market at a time.”


The CA$H for Scan Event:
Every 50th retail badge scanned triggered a cowbell-ringing cash prize of a $50 bill. “Getting your badge scanned can sometimes slow you down at the door”, says SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones, “so we made it worth our retailer visitors’ time.” The event was well received - who does not want to win some cash?? 

The Winners:

Jennifer Medlock from Sleep EZ in Tempe, AZ, Edwin Pfeifer from Minots Mattress Store, Minot, ND, Paulina Badia with Liverpool in Mexico, Taylor Newton from Bedrooms and More in Seattle, WA, Yasin Akkok from Turquoise Enterprise in Merced, CA, and Michael Cherry from Sweet Dreams Mattress in Nederland, TX.


For more information on the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) and the Summer Las Vegas Market 2022, go to:  



About the SSA

Founded in 1995 as the successor organization for the waterbed industry, the SSA today advocates and promotes the full spectrum of bedding solutions. The specialty sector has become much more mainstream and now represents the fastest growing category of all bedding. 

Our showroom in LAS VEGAS in Building C1565 is a co-op venue for manufacturers and distributors introducing product to retail bedding stores/departments.  Our showroom is always one of the busiest in Las Vegas during the Furniture Market, for our new and innovative products, as well as the outstanding B2B networking opportunities that have begun with networking in our room. We endeavor to promote Specialty Sleep Products and our members, as well as recruit new retailer and manufacturing/supplier members. 
For more information on the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) and the Summer Las Vegas Market 2022, go to: https://www.sleepinformation.org/ and https://www.sleepinformation.org/las-vegas-market-summer-2022