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49th Edition of CIFF Guangzhou 2022 Kicks Off with Six New Strengths

Furniture World News Desk on 7/14/2022

The 49th edition of CIFF Guangzhou 2022 is the first large-scale furniture fair taking place this year in China. It will be at Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex from 17th to 20th July and from 26th to 29th July, meeting market needs and offering sector players new, concrete business opportunities supported by the entire furniture industry and its new positioning: ‘Design Trend, Global Trade, Full Supply Chain, All in CIFF’.


The 49th CIFF Guangzhou 2022 kicks off with six new strengths:


  1. New Theme: ‘Build a Better Home Together, Serve the New Pattern’

    The Chinese economy’s transition from a period of rapid growth to a development phase focusing on quality of life is strongly contributing to the establishment of both a high standard of living and a new Chinese domestic market model.

    The vitality and strategic importance of CIFF—the world’s only furniture fair representing the entire supply chain, bringing together top companies capable of reaching design and commercial channels alike and meeting domestic and export market needs—offer a concrete response to the theme Build a Better Home Together, Serve the New Pattern, further strengthening synergy with the industry and promoting the ‘exhibition platform chain’ offering that systematises all its exhibitions: CIFF Guangzhou in March, CIFF Shanghai in September, CBD Shanghai in March, CBD Guangzhou and CBD Shenzhen in July.

  2.  Driving Factor: Original Design

    The desire for a better life is driving the evolution of furniture demand. Good design is becoming the engine for the sector’s development and the transformation of the Chinese furniture industry, and CIFF Guangzhou thus proposes the concept of ‘whole exhibition design’. All exhibition sectors—Home Furniture Show, Office Show, and Interzum Guangzhou—will feature an unprecedented number of design brands, surpassing even the pre-pandemic peak period.

    CIFF-Home Furniture, from 17th to 20th July, will present high-end products and cutting-edge design solutions for the whole living space as well as outdoor leisure spaces that will be a source of inspiration for retailers and designers. Countless thematic events will be held: design exhibitions, seminars, andconferences will enrich the fair with content of high cultural value, providing interesting insights, moments of encounter, and useful ideas for inspiration and reflection.

    CIFF-Office Show, running from 26th to 29th July, will focus on upgrading workspaces and the design of commercial spaces. The Design Trend Pavilion will bring together brands specialising in original design, while the Office Theme Pavilion, created by CIFF and Mr Xu Zhaoming, will present new trends in office design under the theme ‘Reconstruct Offices with Designs’. At the same time, the 2030+ International Future Office exhibition, organised in collaboration with the China National Furniture Association, will take you on a brilliant journey of discovery of future office furniture under the theme ‘Hyper Dimensions’.

    The ‘whole exhibition design’ concept also covers materials, functions, and technologies. CIFM, from 26th to 29th July, will highlight originality in design starting with downstream supply chain companies presenting innovative technical solutions and finishes.

  3.  Better Opportunities: Dual Circulation
    The immensity of the Chinese market represents a unique competitive advantage in the world: Expanding domestic demand has in fact become the strategic basis of China’s economic development. The 49th CIFF Guangzhou provides a platform specifically structured to allow Chinese manufacturers and distributors to take full advantage of the development opportunities offered by domestic circulation.

    Throughout both phases—the first between 17th and 20th July and the second between 26th and 29th July—a huge number of the sector’s leading Chinese brands will present their new collections with a particular focus on the domestic market. CIFF has carefully selected domestic sales channels directed towards designers, buyers, and distributors, important players in the real estate, hospitality, and cultural sectors, to create a perfect match with exhibitors. In particular, the projects CIFF Designers’ Circle and CIFF Distributor's Circle will focus on interior designers and retailers, key domestic sales audiences, working with the main furniture shopping centres such as Red Star Macalline and the most important Chinese design studios, enabling over 100 trade relationships in 23 cities across the country. The project Look at Guangzhou on 17th and 26th July will ensure extraordinary visibility across all media channels.

    CIFF will also attach considerable importance to international trade. The Global Cooperation Partnership is dedicated to foreign visitors who cannot be present at the 49th CIFF Guangzhou, guaranteeing an online supply-demand match between manufacturers and buyers throughout the year, while Cross-border E-commerce Partnership will offer product research services and materials, in-depth forums, matchmaking opportunities, solutions, and tools to globalise the furniture trade.

  4.  New Direction: Viable Planning for the Future
    With the normalization of pandemic prevention and control, attention to the environment and health has also become an important selection factor for products intended for living spaces.

    CIFF Guangzhou promotes a new model of consumption development to meet the new needs and expectations of the entire furniture sector. Feeding the trend of ‘smart consumption’ by organizing events dedicated to the promotion of products for the ‘smart home’, CIFF pays particular attention to ‘smart sleep’, creating the Technology & Health Pavilion for smart sleep & smart home and the Sleep Center Pavilion, and the ‘smart workspace’, supported by the participation of several brands that have long been directed towards the ‘Intelligent office’. It also recognizes the need to improve quality of life by boosting emerging sectors such as medical care, elderly care, school furniture, etc.

    In the interest of actively contributing to environmental policy aimed at reducing carbon emissions, recycling raw materials, and preserving resources, CIFF Guangzhou constantly seeks innovation in exhibition concepts, spurring the industry towards increasingly sustainable development.

  5. New Ideas: Themed Exhibitions and Forums
    The fair features eight themed exhibitions for providing inspiration and stimulating creativity: 2030+ International Future Office, CMF Trend Lab, Design Dream Show on Contemporary Home Furnishing, D2M Lab, Design Exhibition on Young People’s Day and Night, Firefly Museum for Children’s Space, Intelligent Sleep, and the Office Theme Pavilion. Over 80 conferences and forums will be held during the 49th CIFF Guangzhou, including the Global Furniture Industry Trend Conference 2022, a series of forums on international design, trade, and e-commerce, building an effective platform for high-level dialogue within the industry and promoting the development of the entire sector.

  6.  Effective Forms of Business: Online-Offline Integration and Digital Expansion

    Digital technology is also becoming an increasingly common resource in the exhibition sector: On 17th July, CIFF will launch a commercial event that will be held both online and offline at once, defying the boundaries of time and space! The 49th CIFF Guangzhou will be an integrated online-offline fair, a new form of business for the Chinese furniture industry further facilitating efficient interaction between exhibitors and visitors.

    The official CIFF Miniprogram will host 3,088 online exhibitors who will take advantage of cloud exhibition spaces, live streaming communications, cloud negotiations, etc.

    Over 100 online business matchmaking events will be dedicated to negotiations with international buyers. In addition, the ‘Design Selection Go!’ app will be launched to foster relationships between designers and exhibitors.

    CIFF will also promote all these events on China’s most popular social media platforms, including WeChat, Baidu, Weibo, Douyin, Toutiao, and Xiaohongshu to offer maximum support to its exhibitors and visitors.


Pursuing the new goal of quality-of-life improvement with design as the driving force, the 49th CIFF Guangzhou will offer new opportunities, new directives, new ideas, and new energy. 


A large-scale event of strategic importance, rich in themes and resources, dedicated to business, and attentive to the environment, this year’s edition will be stimulating for the entire furniture industry.


49th CIFF Guangzhou 2022


  • Phase 1 - July 17-20, 2022
    home furniture, homedecor & hometextile, outdoor & leisure furniture

  • Phase 2 - July 26-29, 2022 
    office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture and furniture machinery & raw materials

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The 49th CIFF Guangzhou will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou from July 17th - 20th, 2022 (1st phase - home furniture, homedecor & hometextile, outdoor & leisure furniture) and from July 26th - 29th, 2022 (2nd phase - office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture and furniture machinery & raw materials).

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