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Easy Furniture Web Tip #323: Staff Bio Pages Punch Up Your Website

Furniture World News Desk on 2/15/2022

One of the ways a furniture retailer can plump up a website with helpful information and some SEO punch, is to spotlight the talents and expertise of individual staffers.

Your talented staff should each be given their own bio page. The page should spotlight the staffer’s love of helping customers. Additionally, the page should include personal information that conveys the winning personality of the staffer so the reader would like to do business with him or her.

Spotlight any specialties a staffer may possess. One may have a knack for decorating a home office. Another may specialize in country or rugged Western homes.

Once you figure out the specialties of your staffers, then you can lightly optimize the bio pages for those keyword terms along with the city location.

For example, for the “home office” staffer, you optimize that page for “interior designer for home office furniture in city, state.”

It also helps if you  feature a few images of rooms they’ve decorated.

Once the page is built, you can use the title and description tag fields in your website’s editor to tag the specialty and the city location. And don’t forget to tag the images with the same helpful information in the “alternative text” field.

This type of detailed SEO work can attract shoppers with specific intent to your website and to your store.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 323: Create individual bio pages for your talented staffers and then optimize them for better search results.

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