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Three Interior Designers Weigh in On Trends We Will See in 2022

Furniture World News Desk on 1/7/2022

The past two years saw interior design responding to new challenges and opportunities as our homes became significantly more important to all of us. While more people will be returning to offices, classrooms and gyms in 2022, the lingering pandemic will continue to keep many of us in our domiciles –- and focused on making them more comfortable, functional and beautiful. 


The Thibaut Showroom at the Fall 2021 High Point Furniture Market, an industry trendsetter, features rich green wall covering, trim and fabrics against a muted color scheme. Botanical decor abounds, reflecting the desire to bring the beauty of nature inside the home.

What can we expect to see in home design next year? Three members of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID NJ) share their vision for the coming months and beyond.  As members of the leading professional design organization, they go through rigorous training each year and are at the frontier of their profession. They are highly skilled professionals poised to deliver innovative and technically proficient solutions that create functional, attractive spaces that fit their clients and benefit their quality of life. 


Below are the trends these designers foresee making their way into our homes.


Vibrant colors

While neutrals still rule the day, strong colors are making a bigger splash in home design. “Everyone is looking for some good cheer and they’re finding it in bright florals and bold colors with blue and green the standout color trends,” says Sharon L Sherman, ASID, Thyme & Place Design.


High-gloss finishes

This is the year of shiny surfaces, outside and inside. “A front door with a beautiful high-gloss lacquer makes a great first impression,” notes Karla Trincanello, ASID, Interior Decisions, Inc., and I never forget the “fifth wall” – or ceiling – for all it adds to a space.” Trincanello particularly likes metallic finishes for ceilings in gloss or satin because they provide interest and add height to a space as well as reflectivity.  Paint is the best, especially if sprayed, notes the designer.  Another treatment she recommends is metal leafing as well as wallcovering.    


Craftsmanship and sparkle

 “Carefully crafted decor is grabbing the spotlight these days as more people invest in high-quality, long- lasting workmanship,” advises  Sherman. This Abner Henry console is a rich mixture of textures, colors and finishes. The black maple case and walnut mocha doors have a satiny sheen, and the sturdy metal base is polished in Dupre gold.


Vintage vibes

“Due to long lead times and labor shortages, vintage has become the “go-to” design trend,” says designer Terri Fiori, Allied ASID, Fiori Interior Design, who has always been a fan of vintage. This space combines tall bamboo-and-glass shelving from 1st Dibs with a vintage starburst mirror and antique dining table and chairs.


A touch of whimsy


Fiori believes in a touch of whimsy and that in 2022, homeowners can explore the lighter side of home design with a fanciful item like this woolly sheep, a vintage reproduction from Chairish (also featured in Fiori’s vintage-inspired rooms above). Whimsical pieces are fun and fashionable, but they can also be functional. This sheep doubles as and end table.


Custom-crafted and locally sourced

Bespoke furniture allows you to create pieces that truly express your style and match the design of your home. “Custom-crafting is a trend that supports a ‘give-back’ mentality,” says Fiori.  “Small custom furniture manufacturers tend to use local, sustainable materials, and their furniture takes no more time to make than non-custom pieces.”


Decorative details on upholstery  

Upholstery can completely change the look of furniture or a room and can give it distinction. To make upholstery unique, a 2022 trend according to Fiori  is to focus on distinctive details like bullion fringe, upholstered pieces with a wood back or a detailed curve on the arm.  When choosing upholstered furniture, let intricate designs set the tone for the piece and your space.


To find an ASID NJ designer near you, visit: https://www.asid.org/find-a-pro




"Vintage Vibes" Fiori Interior Design, Photo: Mike Van Tassell





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