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Naturepedic Provides Crib Safety Tips for November's Child Safety and Protection Month

Furniture World News Desk on 11/11/2021

In honor of November’s Child Safety and Protection Month, Naturepedic, the GOTS-certified organic mattress manufacturer for babies, kids and adults, is raising awareness on preventative safety measures parents can take to keep their babies safe and protected while they sleep.


“This month puts a spotlight on how to better remove potential dangers from children’s everyday environments, which especially applies to their sleep environments,” comments Barry A. Cik, founder and technical director of Naturepedic. This topic is of particular importance, as a recent survey to 2,000 parents, with children ages 0 to 5, revealed that 67% of parents worry the most when their child is sleeping, compared to any other time of the day (OnePoll, Naturepedic).


“Before your baby (and likely you) can get a good night’s sleep, they need to have a safe space in which to do it. This really boils down to taking key steps to ensure that they have a safe and healthy crib environment” adds Cik.


Naturepedic’s top crib safety measures include:


  • Removing soft objects and bedding from the crib
  • Using only a crib that meets CPSC criteria
  • Placing the crib in the right place
  • Investing in a certified organic, breathable, waterproof crib mattress


“While purchasing soft and fluffy bedding may seem tempting, this doesn’t mean it’s safe. Remove items, such as pillows, blankets, quilts, and stuffed toys, from the crib, as these can pose serious safety risks. Also, be sure that your baby’s crib mattress is firm. Because babies are still growing, their bodies need much more support than adults do. Naturepedic’s certified organic crib mattresses meet all pediatric guidelines for proper firmness, and our organic crib sheets are a safe and comfortable choice.”


As for the crib itself, Cik adds, “Make sure your crib is in adherence with the CPSC’s latest safety standards, and that it’s placed in the right spot of the room.” Older cribs may present safety issues like downward sliding slats, excessive spacing between slats, lead paint, or old hardware susceptible to breakage.  “Keep the crib away from windows, table-tops and dressers, as curious babies may start reaching for everything in sight.”


However, choosing the right crib mattress, according to Cik, is arguably the most important step towards creating a safer crib environment. “Unfortunately, not all crib mattresses are created equally. Many conventional crib mattresses are made with questionable chemicals and materials, like flame retardants, PFAS, and phthalates. This makes choosing a certified organic, nontoxic crib mattress all the more important,” comments Cik, “And, while breathable crib mattresses are rising in popularity, and can certainly add another level of safety to a crib mattress, it’s important that the breathability is done right.


Naturepedic’s Breathe SafeTM crib mattresses are the only truly breathable, waterproof crib mattresses on the market that are also certified organic and nontoxic. Made with certified organic cotton fill and fabric, Naturepedic’s Breathe SafeTM mattresses are waterproofed with a food-grade nontoxic material and are encased in a removable layer that’s breathable and machine washable, so messes can be cleaned up in a snap. Its advanced 360-degree airflow system allows your baby to breathe right through the surface, while also helping to dissipate heat and moisture for less sweaty backs, and a much better, safer sleep.

“At Naturepedic, we do the worrying for you. We go above and beyond to ensure your child is safe and protected, both by arming parents with transparent information, and by creating safer, healthier products that meet and exceed the highest certifications and safety standards on the market.  This way, both your little one, and you, can rest easy,” adds Cik. 


Learn more about Naturepedic’s Breathe SafeTM crib mattresses here.



About Naturepedic:

Since 2003, Naturepedic has been on a mission to protect families through safer, healthier organic-based products that have a positive impact on the environment. A brand with purpose, transparency and ethical practices, Naturepedic is the recipient of many certifications and is highly respected by numerous health and environmental organizations (https://www.naturepedic.com/certifications) and is an EPA Green Power Partner. Since its inception, Naturepedic has been a consistent and generous advocate and supporter of NGO's and nonprofits advocating for "Right to Know" about what is in the products that people bring into their homes.