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Threekit Announces new 'Dimensions' feature as Part of Its Enriched Furniture Solution

Furniture World News Desk on 9/1/2021

Threekit has announced the launch of its enriched furniture solution, a comprehensive, feature-rich 3D and AR platform designed to provide a best-in-class digital customer experience. With it, furniture brands will have one platform for unlimited creation, management and distribution of their 3D product visuals, plus the ability to mix and match to create infinite product options with a single 3D asset.


The new platform enhancements include the exclusive dynamic dimensions feature, which can auto-detect and display dimensions in any product scene, show measurement labels that shoppers import themselves or measure the distance between any two points on a product. 


Customers will also have the option of rendering their visuals in Virtual Photographer™, which generates high-resolution photorealistic images that are indistinguishable from luxury product photography. Threekit's furniture solution combines the best of configurable product visualization with unprecedented scale. 


The ability to customize in real time has become a customer expectation, especially in the fast-evolving furniture industry. Shoppers want to change key product features—fabric patterns, finishes and dimensions—while browsing online, and they want to see those changes reflected instantaneously. Additionally, 66% of online shoppers agree that they want to see products in 3D and AR before making a purchase. Until now, providing for these customization and image quality specifications has been a massive challenge for furniture companies.   


In addition to dynamic dimensions, users can implement configurable augmented reality.  In most cases, customers can see an AR representation of a product to gauge size in their space, though only in the one color or style that the maker provides. However, with configurable AR, the shopper can customize the features they want, then see their own custom piece in their space for the most accurate representation.


"Furniture is one of our core industries, simply because our product makes so much sense in custom scenarios," said Matt Gorniak, CEO at Threekit. "Digital furniture purchases used to feel risky with no way to see a custom piece in real time or confirm that it would fit in your space. Our goal is to de-risk these purchases by providing brands with all the tools to drive shopper confidence and satisfaction. It's a huge win for both furniture brands and online shoppers."



About Threekit

Threekit lets brands create amazing product visuals at a massive scale with interactive 3D, Virtual Photographer and Augmented Reality.

Threekit works by marrying your product catalog with 3D artistry and technology. Discerning brands like TaylorMade, Duluth Trading, and Ciroc use Threekit because it drives a 40% increase in conversion, a 90% reduction in photography costs, and 80% reduction in returns. Threekit has made incredible advances in the furniture industry. With it, Crate & Barrel created three million hyper-realistic images in a month at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography.