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PICKUP Introduces Fusion Omni-Delivery Solutions

Furniture World News Desk on 7/22/2021

PICKUP, an enterprise-grade, last mile delivery solution provider for retailers, commercial and industrial businesses, recently introduced PICKUP Fusion. Fusion is the end-to-end omni-delivery solution that supports PICKUP’s partners with the delivery of big, heavy and high-value items. 


Fusion’s cloud-based platform is a cohesive architecture and technology stack, allowing PICKUP to move quickly for its partners and without boundaries via the platform's two solutions; Fusion Formula and Fusion Theory. Fusion’s omni-channel capabilities allow brands to handle full-assortment delivery for their entire catalog, exposing inventory that may not have previously been available via traditional e-commerce transactions. PICKUP’s Fusion technology measures market-based capacity of both supply and demand to meet delivery windows and ensure customers have the best possible delivery experience.


PICKUP’s partners can select from two levels of implementation through the Fusion platform:


  • Fusion Theory: A portal delivery solution featuring a light, tech-integrated platform that serves a partner’s customers via a co-branded scheduling portal. With Theory, partners can launch same-day and scheduled last-mile delivery capabilities at a national level within 48 hours of implementation, servicing customers from its stores, warehouses and distribution centers.

  •  Fusion Formula: A fully integrated API solution that empowers partners to create branded and seamless Buy Anywhere, Delivery Anywhere (BADA) experiences nationwide, delivering their full assortment of big and heavy goods across multiple channels. Partners who select Fusion Formula gain instant access to a tech-driven platform that allows for real-time visibility and reporting of all deliveries.



In just a few months, both Theory and Formula will include Fusion Blueprinta dashboard portal that gives visibility into delivery performance with real-time views, reporting and analytics. Currently in development, the secure dashboard provides partners with visibility into delivery performance and real-time views across local, regional and corporate locations.


Additional benefits of the Fusion platform include:


  • Fully vetted fleet of delivery professionals – PICKUP Good Guys create a last mile delivery experience with proven speed, efficiency, professionalism, and communication.

  •  A secure and compliant platform – PICKUP has completed SOC 2 Type 1 compliance certifications, allowing the company to implement critical security policies to protect customer and partner data.

  • Reverse logistics – Partners can manage reverse logistics needs and support the return of big and heavy goods to the appropriate store, warehouse or distribution center through the Fusion platform and PICKUP Good Guys.

  • Customer support – Customers have direct access to a best-in-class, customer experience team for any questions, escalations and guidance.

  • Partner support - Partners have access to PICKUP’s integrated account team to navigate queries and support needs.


“Every omnichannel seller is investing heavily in solving for speed, flexibility and convenience, but there is still so much work to be done in technology and operations to achieve the vision of delivery WHENand HOW consumers want it,” said Brenda Stoner, CEO and Chief Good Guy, PICKUP. “With PICKUP Fusion, we will help meet our partners’ ever-increasing expectations for fast and convenient delivery services with a deep concentration in creating seamless experiences for the last-mile delivery of big, heavy and high value items.”


For more information, visit  pickupnow.com.



PICKUP® is an enterprise-grade, last-mile delivery service and one of the nation’s fastest growing on-demand logistics providers. The company’s trust-verified PICKUP Good Guys deliver a broad assortment of big, heavy and high value items, from furniture to mattresses. PICKUP partners with leading retailers and commercial businesses to transform their omni-channel delivery experience with solutions such as contactless Buy Online Deliver From Store (BODFS). The company’s people and technology enable PICKUP Good Guys to consistently provide exceptional customer experiences. PICKUP currently operates in over 75 cities and reaches 150 million people, with plans for aggressive expansion. For more information, visit pickupdelivers.com.