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Easy Furniture Web Tip #306: Quick Grammar Lookup

Furniture World News Desk on 3/17/2021

This will be my last time on grammar tips for your website writing. For awhile.

Rather than giving you specific examples of typical problems, I’ll simply show you how I solve my problems.

When I run up against a problem with grammar, I simply do an Internet search. For example here is a search for “everyone vs. every one” and this is the result:


The above search was performed on the privacy browser DuckDuckGo but Google has the same top result.

However, Google summarizes the information from the above site in a more succinct manner that helps you to get your answer faster without having to click through to the site.



This is a great way to find answers to any tricky words and phrases …

  • everytime vs every time
  • everything vs every thing
  • anytime vs any time
  • have vs. has
  • what vs which
  • beside vs besides
  • full-time vs full time


It’s kind of fun to learn the wonderful way our language works.


Easy Furniture Web Tip 306: When in doubt about a grammar issue simply do an Internet search and find your answer promptly.

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