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Easy Furniture Web Tip #292: Get New Pages Indexed on Google Faster Via Social Media

Furniture World News Desk on 7/7/2020

I was reworking a page for a client who wanted to rank higher for a certain keyword phrase.

I rewrote the page, embedding the phrase in the text and tags, artfully, if I say so myself.

Once the page was republished, I went to Google Console and requested Google crawl the page. Every few days I would check to see if Google had visited the new page yet. I did this by checking the cached URL. (You don’t want to know.)

It had not been visited. So then I remembered another way to get Google to visit a page. I simply posted its link on my business Facebook and Twitter pages.

Within a day it was visited and he was showing up in the #2 position for a local search using the targeted phrase.

This was a good reminder to me that sometimes it’s the easiest steps that get things going with SEO.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 292: To help Google find your new web page, post a link to it on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.

Katherine Andes specializes in website content writing and SEO — including page customization for storefront and franchise websites. Visit her website andesandassociates.com or phone her at (559) 309-2940.


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