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Intellibed Unveils The Sleep Genius™ Smart Base

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At the Las Vegas Winter Market, Intellibed introduced the Sleep Genius™ Smart Base. Featuring technology developed by a team of neuroscientists as well as music therapy and sleep experts, the smart base demonstrates Intellibed’s commitment to improving the quality and duration of sleep to positively impact the mind and body. The Intellibed Sleep Genius Smart Base leans into the science of sound and hearing—the only sensory system that works in full capacity while you sleep—in order to activate and regulate the brain’s sleep centers.

Developed following research helping NASA get astronauts to sleep, the Intellibed Sleep Genius Smart Base represents the most significant advancement in mattress base technology in decades. For retailers, it delivers a compelling new layer of smart base technology and premium trade-up opportunity for consumers.

“In recent years, the adjustable base business has been viewed as a fast and furious race to the bottom,” says Intellibed CEO Colin House. “As a champion for innovation and technology, we’re on a mission to change this by providing consumers intelligent solutions that help them sleep better, like our Gel Matrix® Mattress and new Sleep Genius Smart Base. The set-up is intended to act as an entire mind and body sleep ecosystem in order to ‘Treat’ sleep issues, not just ‘Track’ them.”

Rooted in the science of the body’s vestibular system, the exclusive “Treat versus Track” technology manages sleep issues through scientifically developed sound programs which activate and regulate the brain’s sleep systems for the best night sleep possible. The Sleep Genius Smart Base offers tools via a mobile app to help regulate the brain’s sleep rhythm, reduce anxiety and ready the mind/body for sleep. Options also include a Power Nap feature and Relaxation program to manage stress.

Other key features include:

  • Built-In Six-Speaker Bluetooth Sound Bar—naturally improves sleep by delivering a variety of neuro scientifically-composed music and stereo sounds that stimulate the auditory sensory systems for better sleep (the only systems that continue to work while sleeping). The synchronized low-amplitude sounds, or vibrations, activate the inner ear to naturally mimic the calming experience of riding in a car, or train.

  • Premium Adjustable Base Experience—beyond the science of sound, the Smart Base delivers a quality experience with features like reach assist, sonic massage, USB ports, a programmable remote and personalized configurations to put your body in the most comfortable sleeping position.

  • Connected Home Integration—connects with platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home for a more complete and comfortable experience.

Solution-driven and scientifically-engineered, Intellibed is a trusted and proven category pioneer, leading the industry with its revolutionary Gel Matrix mattress technology. The Intellibed Sleep Genius Smart Base addresses the needs and wants of the mind as well as the body—it helps put both in their most comfortable and relaxed state, while activating and regulating your brain’s sleep rhythm for longer and deeper sleep.

The Sleep Genius Smart Base completes the Intellibed sleep environment system, but can also be used with other mattresses. The Sleep Genius Smart Base will be available in select retailers and for shipment in March 2020. For more information, visit www.intellibed.com/sleep-genius-smart-base.

About Intellibed: Intellibed is a trusted category leader, providing scientifically-engineered products proven to help people achieve a better night’s sleep. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Intellibed partners with mattress retailers across North America to bring its premium Gel Matrix Mattress and Smart Base technology to consumers. For more information, visit https://intellibed.com/.

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