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Norwalk Furniture Forecasts Three Emerging Textile Trends for 2020

Furniture World News Desk on 1/6/2020

From Left to Right: Conservatory, Spiced Up, and Ebony & Ivory.
From Left to Right: Conservatory, Spiced Up, and Ebony & Ivory.

Norwalk Furniture reports that it will highlight three emerging color and textile trends throughout its showroom at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market.  From calming greens and spice tones to bold contrasts with a few sleek snake prints, the three themes will be prominently presented across dozens of new silhouettes and a variety of best-selling pieces throughout the showroom.

The three trends, “Conservatory,” “Spiced Up,” and “Ebony & Ivory,” are listed below:

Conservatory – These calming, nature-inspired palettes have stood the test of time in interior spaces for decades and will continue their prominence in 2020 as the antithesis to the fast-paced world that seems to spin faster and faster each day. Featured in a variety of natural green tones, the Conservatory colorway includes mid-tone hues of sage, cypress and Bermuda grass, along with pops of emerald and malachite. Bringing a sense tranquility, the natural hues will be featured on many of Norwalk’s best-selling pieces throughout the showroom.

Spiced Up – Prominently featured within the Kim Salmela for Norwalk Furniture collection, warm spice tones including shades of turmeric, paprika, mustard and cinnamon unexpectedly combine with light blush and soft blues to create a fresh, yet casual color palette with a bit of an edge

Ebony & Ivory – Achieved by the use of dark black fabrics paired with bright white base cloths and pops of color, this trend delivers a bold statement with modern appeal. Pairing black as secondary color to the primary colorway – either as the background of a pattern or used as a contrasting accent color – this decorative trend can transform a traditional selection of fabrics into a decidedly modern presentation. Featured in Norwalk’s popular Twilight Bed Program and the Monterey Sleeper Ottoman, bold black colorways including Dimitria Abyss and Vagabond Liquorice pair with intense pops of citron, crimson, magenta, white and indigo.

The three textile trends will be on display at Las Vegas Market in Norwalk’s showroom in Building A, space A225.

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