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Easy Furniture Web Tip #278: Friendly and Helpful After-Purchase Emails to Customers

Furniture World News Desk on 5/14/2019

Do you follow up with customers with an after-purchase email — or, gasp, a paper letter?

These types of emails come in all the time, filling our in-boxes. Many we ignore, especially if they are prompting us to respond in the the subject line: “We would love your feedback.” or “Let us know how we did.”

I am much more likely to respond to a subject line that does not require any work from me. “We’re here if you need us.

A while back I ordered an amazing laundry cleaning solution from Amazon. Shortly after I ordered, I got this charming note from the reseller.



Notice it’s not a slick layout or format. I like better formats, but that’s not the most important thing. It has an actual name, Shawn. And it has the charming line that they want me to be “happy right away!” And Shawn follows it up with an easy way for me to contact them, which I didn’t have to do.

Every time I read that email, I just get happy.

Also note their email doesn’t ask me to leave a review, but I did just because they are so nice and the product is really good.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #278:  Make your customer follow-up emails friendly and genuinely helpful.

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