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Coaster Company of America Introduced New Brand Identity and Sub-brands

Furniture World News Desk on 1/28/2019

Coaster Company of America, a North American furniture distributor, announced a rebrand of its company, and the creation of 3 new sub-brands; CoasterEveryday, CoasterEssence and CoasterElevations. The corporate rebranding was announced on the opening day of Las Vegas Market and included a new visual identity, website, corporate strategy, and new design elements.

“We have completely refreshed our corporate identity, including our logo as a signal to the furniture world of our commitment to the future, and our ongoing mission to add value in every relationship, including our employees, retail partners and their customers, said Janice Yeh, Director of Business Operations for Coaster. “Our new logo, which features a red arc and updated typography represents renewal and bridges consumers to our dealers.”

Coaster’s research-based brand initiative includes the creation of three new sub-brands. The new sub-brands are CoasterEveryday, CoasterEssence and CoasterElevations. Each sub-brand is positioned to speak to a unique audience, yet Coaster plans to communicate with consumers at all stages of life. CoasterEveryday are quality home furnishings designed for those who are more budget oriented. For those who are more family-focused or who are looking for more upscale furnishings, CoasterEssence was created. This brand is positioned to speak primarily to Younger Generation X and Millennials. CoasterElevations is the new premium quality brand that is designed for those who desire more luxurious home furnishings. The primary audience for this high-end brand are Gen-Xers and Boomers.

 The Scott Living™ line is also available through Coaster’s retail partners. This quality brand is based on the design philosophy of the Scott Brothers, which blends heirloom industrial and modern artistic tastes to create distinctive home furnishings.

As part of its new comprehensive digital strategy, Coaster is completely redesigning its website. “Today, more furniture shoppers are going online to experience furniture brands,” added Carol Sham, Marketing Manager for Coaster. “We intend to speak directly to the consumer. Our new website will enable a consumer to interact with each Coaster brand and help them see how our furniture products can fit into their lifestyle. Most importantly, our digital strategy focuses on driving the consumer to our retail partners, where they can experience Coaster home furnishing products up close and get assistance in making a purchase decision.”

Moving forward in the coming months and years, Coaster’s strategic focus will be to communicate directly to the consumer while continuing to reaffirm its long-term commitment to the success of its dealer partners. Coaster will introduce additional new tools to encourage the consumer to engage with the Coaster brand, helping them in their journey towards making a purchase decision at a local retailer.  A new ad campaign has also been created to reveal how Coaster home furnishings touch lives in every stage of life.

About Coaster Fine Furniture: Coaster is a second-generation company that has become a leading North American furniture distributor. Today, Coaster has 7 branches and 2 U.S distribution centers and employs over 800 people. Coaster offers a diverse and stylish selection of casual and formal living room, dining room, bedroom, home office and accent décor. Coaster furniture products can be found through an extensive dealer network and through leading online retailers. For more information, visit www.coasterfurniture.com.