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Soft-Tex Launches Luxury Brand “Sleep Addict”, Gift With Purchase (GWP) Solutions

Furniture World News Desk on 1/9/2019

Soft-Tex International, a supplier of basic bedding, furniture, and memory foam mattresses, announced the launch of the Sleep Addict brand, Gift With Purchase (GWP) solutions as well as enhanced investment in Vendor Direct Fulfillment ahead of the Las Vegas Furniture market.

Sleep Addict Brand Launch
Sleep Addict is the next level of luxury bedding for furniture retailers complete with the highest quality product and youthful, on-trend packaging that lives up to its name as one of the most desirable brands on the market.

“Sleep Addict is sure to be the next aspirational brand customers will be bragging about to their friends. The brand offers unique imagery and packaging from what’s out there in the white goods space as well as features spanning cooling, wellness, and ultimate luxury stories,” noted Chris Marsh, Soft-Tex Chief Marketing Officer.

Unveiling at market will be a curated offering of pillows, mattress protectors, and sheets spanning 3 collections of features and benefits: wellness, luxury, and cooling. More information on the Sleep Addict brand can be found on the brand website, sleepaddict.com.

Gift With Purchase Solutions
Soft-Tex also unveiled several bundled gift with purchase (GWP) solutions to help retailers close the sale and customers build their perfect bed. “2019 will be the Year of GWP,” noted Chris Marsh, Soft-Tex’s CMO. “Traditional retailers are not only faced with competitive challenges from expanded online offerings, but also aggressive in store discounts and giveaways. Generating store traffic, driving excitement and having profitable tools to close each retail sale are becoming more difficult. We have come up with some great GWP bundles that address those challenges and help retailers drive higher margin sales,” continued Marsh.

The GWP bundles available offering 4 options - $200, $300, $400, and $500 values and feature combinations of memory foam pillows, fiber pillows, mattress protectors, comforters, and sheet sets.

Vendor Direct Fulfillment Investment
Soft-Tex dropships hundreds of thousands of packages annually directly to its retail partners’ customers and announced additional investment in the area given the continued growth of its eCommerce business.

2019 will also feature the following milestones for Soft-Tex:

  • Doubling warehouse space at the North Charleston, SC facility to accommodate VDF growth
  • Launch of Salsify Insights, an analytics package attached to Soft-Tex’s existing use of Salsify to help provide scale and automation to optimizing product listings to their...
  • Development of in-house videography to scale production of high quality video assets to support online product listings

“Soft-Tex’s Vendor Direct Fulfillment practice area offers best-in-class shipping and operational efficiency coupled with digital marketing excellence providing the ideal copy, descriptions, images, video, and overarching product experience,” said Taylor Jones, Director of Vendor Direct Fulfillment

Expanded Core Product Lines
Soft-Tex will also be showcasing a refreshed assortment of all its product lines including expanded presentations of wellness pillows and protectors, sheets, organic and eco-conscious product under the EcoPEDIC brand, outdoor cushions, memory foam mattresses in a box, and high quality easy-to-assemble, solid wood furniture.

All items and more will be on display in showroom C-1572 at the Las Vegas Furniture Market January 27th through 31st. For appointments please contact Showroom Manager Eric Hasper.

About Soft-Tex: As one of America’s premier sleep product manufacturers, Soft-Tex International’s mission is to help consumers sleep comfortably and live better through innovative design. As the marketplace for sleep and home comfort products evolves, Soft-Tex meets the needs of omnichannel retailers by not only manufacturing products with leading-edge technologies, but also providing best-in-class physical and digital merchandising solutions.