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Hellenic Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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Hellenic Rug Imports announced that it is planning its largest launch of new rugs since its founding year of 1988. 2008 marks the 20th Anniversary of Hellenic and the company will celebrate with an introduction of over 150 new and exciting rugs they say will give a fresh look in designs and colors that will bring tremendous value to their customers assortment. A recent news release listed the following introductions: Candice Olson: Hellenic will be introducing 21 new rugs to the Candice Olson collection. There will be 13 transitional and 8 traditional rugs which will debut in Atlanta, January 8th, with innovative designs and colors. The new 13 transitional designs address urban living decor. These rugs complement the already successful collection, and bring more options of colors and designs to the Candice Olson customer. The new rugs are made with a wool and silk blend which gives the tonal affect that Candice loves. The rugs are hand tufted in 160 line fine construction with a target retail of $899 for a 5x8. For the new traditional designs, Candice has taken her color pallets and created beautiful, affordable high quality wool rugs. They are constructed in 100 lines hard twist hand tufted construction, which give high definition in these open designs. Target retail for a 5x8 is $599.00 Candice Olson will be greeting customers and fans at Hellenic’s space Pavilion 2 Booth P20404 at the Las Vegas World Market from 12:30 to 2:30 on Tuesday, January 29th. Contemporary: Hellenic will be introducing 30 new contemporary designs in various hand tufted qualities. The need for fresh looks in true contemporary designs and colors is the driving force for the development of these rugs. Circular motions, squares and abstract designs using teals, blues, greens, and browns in addition to forecast colors for 2008 make these desirable rugs an easy fit with contemporary furniture. Techniques and materials in these fantastic rugs include high low construction, different wool yarn counts, the use of viscose and other elements, that make these rugs distinctive and beautiful. Target retail will be $439- $799 for a 5x8. Transitional: Hellenic continues to expand its transitional wool hand tufted lines by adding several new deisgns to its already successful Palermo Collection. The 15 new rug designs have original and unique transitional designs that fit the price point of our Palermo Collection. The face lift of the Palermo Collection will be in fresh new color. Floral, damasks, leaves, boxes, and abstracts describe some of the Palermo rugs Hellenic will be introduced at a target retail of $499 for a 5x8. In addition, fifteen new rugs in the all new collection “Urban Living” will debut in Atlanta and Las Vegas. These 160 line hand tufted rugs will be made of fine wool and silk, their motifs are of a transitional/contemporary flair. Target retail for a 5x8 is $899 Lodge: This ever growing lifestyle category is becoming more important to the rug industry. Hellenic will offer Lodge looks in every price point category. Retail pricing will range from $199 to $499 for hand tufted rugs in a 5x8 size. The use of deers, bears, pine cones, fish, canoes and other lodge elements will be a part of the “Outdoor Living Collection”. This collection is made of synthetic wool like fiber and is hand tufted and carved for design definition. New Kilim rugs, as well as 10 new south-western style wool tufted rugs will be offered as well in the Lodge category. Traditional Tufted: The largest face lifting of our collections will be the successful “Wonders of the World”. To keep up with growing trends, Hellenic has discontinued outdated designs and colors to add 25 new rugs. With all the new colors and designs, these rugs will bring new excitement to this collection. Hellenic’s mission with this update is to give their customers the opportunity to have a high quality price point rug that can work with the new updated furniture fabrics. Trends in traditional rugs are leading to earth tones with the importance of using greens, browns with light blues, and terracotta in addition to the earth tones. These colors best describe the new designs in Wonders of World collection. Target retail on a 5x8 Wonders is $399. Hand Knotted Traditional : In Atlanta, Hellenic will debut new “Hard Twist 9/9” constructions in earth tone colors along with an Antique Serape Collection. The hard twist is in open patterns and will be in earth tones with the use of high quality New Zealand wool. This collection is targeted to retail for $26 per square foot. The “Antique Serape Collection” is reproductions of old Serape rugs with the look antique. Made of 100% wool, they are stone washed to give them the antique finish. Target retail is $22 per square foot. Also, 15 new designs and colors will be added to Hellenic’s High End “Private Reserve” collection. This 15/15 knot count rug was so well received by Hellenic’s customers that it was a must to add these new designs and colors. Indoor Out Door: Hellenic first introduced it’s concept of their new indoor out door rugs in October in High Point. The tremendous response from the customers that visited the market propelled Hellenic to offer additional designs. These hand hooked rugs are made of 100% polypropylene. Tropical, Transitional and Contemporary are the designs with the latest fashion colors. Target retail is $249 for a 5x8. Greek Party: In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Hellenic, Hellenic will host a party with live Music, food, wines and spirits and dancing with the traditional plate breaking. Customer appreciation 20th Anniversary gifts will be given to customers who attend the party and the showroom. Date: January 18th Time: 5:30pm - ?? Place: Hellenic’s Showroom, Atlanta.

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