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QuickBooks Point of Sale Software Announces Added Features

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Intuit Inc. announced the release of the latest version of QuickBooks® Point of Sale retail management software. Designed to replace the traditional cash register, QuickBooks Point of Sale gives small retailers more control over their business with features that help them provide great customer service and improve inventory management. In addition, better integration with QuickBooks financial software enables retailers to connect front-office tasks, such as credit card transactions and employee time cards, with their back-office business finances more efficiently. “We know independent retailers face tough competition, so every year we ask thousands of them what we can do better to help them succeed,” said Joanne Jacobs, general manager of Intuit’s Retail Solutions division. “This year, we introduced new tools that will help all types of retailers – whether brand new or well established – make better decisions and sharpen their competitive edge.” The software automatically tracks customer purchase history, providing insight into spending habits and supporting more accurate targeted marketing efforts. A new, customizable loyalty program lets retailers automatically track and reward their best customers. Retailers can set reward thresholds and discounts based on customer spending figures so they can, for example, set up special membership pricing and offer discounts for customers spending a certain dollar amount. Additionally, the new shipping manager makes it easier for retailers to process and track shipments, so customers can have more visibility of their order status and receive shipments more quickly. Retailers can provide shipping cost estimates, schedule pickups and track shipments directly from QuickBooks Point of Sale. They can include tracking numbers and shipping charges on sales orders or receipts, so customers have all of their purchase information in one place. The shipping manager also enables retailers to create and print UPS labels directly from QuickBooks Point of Sale. New features in QuickBooks Point of Sale help retailers manage inventory easily and accurately across multiple locations, including both physical and online storefronts. QuickBooks Point of Sale integrates with QuickBooks financial software, letting retailers track the overall financial health of their business without manually re-entering data. New improvements streamline this integration even further. QuickBooks Point of Sale 7.0 is available as stand-alone software or with a complete set of point of sale hardware, including a receipt printer, bar code scanner, cash drawer and credit card reader. For more information go to www.quickbookspos.com

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