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Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture Announces Expansion

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Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture announced the opening of a new Corporate Headquarters. The success of the brand since Kathy Ireland Worldwide joined with Omnia Italian Design has expanded national sales and has helped open new opportunities with many retailers eager to offer the Kathy Ireland Home Brand to their customers. Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture has. therefore, added 45,000 square feet, bringing its total square footage to 180,000 square feet. The new building houses the corporate headquarters, product showroom, state of the art leather cutting machines and one of the largest inventories of stocked leather in the United States. Two additional buildings house leather and fabric upholstery production, and a wood frame production facility. When asked how in this industry with its current climate and the presence of off shore competition, a USA based corporation is expanding, Peter Zolferino the President of Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture had this to say: “I believe that the focus we have placed on the most crucial of elements in keeping a business viable, which are Outstanding Customer Service, Fast Delivery, Quality of the Leathers and Fabrics, and the Quality of the Products we produce, has been what has kept us growing and expanding in this Industry”. “I thank all our customers, Kathy Ireland and her executive team, our corporate staff and all the team members that help to make our company a growing leader in this industry”. “Peter and the extraordinary team at KI Home by Omnia Furniture make, without question, the finest leather furniture in America today. Our microfiber continues to develop in a powerful way. We continue to be amazed by their artistry, leadership and vision. As our distribution grows…consumers are finding that we offer fashion, quality, value and safety. Retailers and our customers are very impressed with these products, service and delivery. This new headquarters and showroom will continue and enhance Peter and the team’s commitment to retail and interior designers. This is a joyous event for our partnership. We thank everyone, especially the retailers who have supported Omnia from the very beginning,” says Kathy. Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture introduced within its corporate headquarters a 2,500 square foot showroom open to the trade as well as designers, to visit by invitation. With the Corporate Offices now open, Peter Zolferino and his team say that they will be focusing on the introduction of Kathy Ireland Home's latest designs at the Winter home furnishings markets. About Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture: Peter Zolferino is the President of Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture. Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture is designed to offer the finest detail, comfort and style for the sophisticated fabric or leather furniture buyer. In 1993 in the interest of serving customers better, Omnia Italian Design started cutting and sewing in the Chino Facility. This opened the gateway to faster delivery, larger selection of styles and a much broader selection of leathers. Eighty-five percent of Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture’s line accommodate, full or queen sleepers, L-shape sectionals, two and three piece curve sectionals, down seating, and chaise lounges. Our commitment to Fashion, Value, Quality, and Safety™ is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. In 2004 Omnia implemented Lectra’s automated leather cutting machines to improve leather yield, increase production, and improve quality. Omnia’s dealer base looks to us for a broad style selection, multiple configurations choices, large selection of leathers and colors, as well Omnia’s ability to handlespecial orders, all of which is to accommodate consumer flexibility. Quality, Comfort, Quick Delivery, and Outstanding Customer Service have been the keys to Omnia’s success. The success that Omnia has achieved is from the hard work of its 250+ team members. Many of which have been with Omnia since its beginning. For more information, visit www.omnialeather.com About Kathy Ireland Worldwide: Kathy Ireland Worldwide (KIWW) is the design and marketing firm founded in 1993 by CEO and Chief Designer, Kathy Ireland. The mission of KIWW is “…finding solutions for families, especially busy moms.” Forbes Magazine reports that KIWW is a “design empire which grosses over one billion dollars annually in retail sales”. This year Newsweek reported, “Annual sales run to $1.4 billion.” KIWW products include Our products include flooring, rugs, bedroom, dinning, occasional furniture, home office and entertainment furniture , lighting, decorative accessories, window coverings, bedding, mattresses, candles, leather and microfiber furniture , hand painted porcelain, fire resistant products, top of bed fashions, wall coverings (including appliqués) , bath accessory ensembles, water features, ceiling fans, table fans, free standing fans, room dehumidifiers and portable radiant heaters, home building solutions and home spa products, apparel, jewelry, residential solutions, fitness videos, children books and Kathy's life changing book, Powerful Inspirations: Eight Lessons That Will Change Your Life. In 2000, KIWW began expanding its mission and consumer needs, with the addition of specialty brands, presenting “Design Ambassadors” ACafé by Chef Andre for food and entertaining, Jardin du Jour cultivated by landscape designer, Nicholas Walker for outdoor living and garden inspirations and The Quilts of Gee’s Bend whose original works of art from rural Alabama are the Genesis of unique designs for home. The original Quilts of Gee’s Bend gained international recognition through museum tours around the world. KIWW teams with industry leaders in each category of business, Flooring-Shaw Industries a Berkshire-Hathaway Company, Rugs-Shaw Living a Berkshire Hathaway Company, Home Furniture-Kathy Ireland Home by Standard, Office and Entertainment Furniture-Kathy Ireland Home by Martin, Lighting-Pacific Coast Lighting, Decorative Accessories-Pacific Coast Accessories, Window Coverings-Kathy Ireland Home by Alta, Bedding-Kathy Ireland Home by Therapedic, Permanent Florals-Kathy Ireland Home by Labs, Candles-Kathy Ireland Home by Hanna’s Candle Co., Socks-Kathy Ireland by Gold Toe Moretz, Top of Bed Fashions- Kathy Ireland Home by Hallmart Collectibles, Hand painted porcelain-Kathy Ireland Home by Franz, Fire resistant products- Kathy Ireland Home by Basofil, Leather- Kathy Ireland Home by Omnia Furniture, wall covering collections (including appliques), bath accessories- Kathy Ireland Home by Blonder Home Accents, Water Features – Kathy Ireland Home by Bluworld of Water, ceiling fans, table fans, free standing fans, room dehumidifiers and portable radiant heaters, Kathy Ireland Home by Minka Aire and Jewelry-Kathy Ireland Jewelry Exclusively for House of Taylor Jewelry, House of Taylor Jewelry (NASDAQ:HOTJ) is a publicly traded company For more information, please visit www.kathyireland.com.

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