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HFIA Plans Joins With R&A Marketing For November Retail Seminar In Ohio

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The Crucial Success Factor For Independent Home Furnishings Retailers Shhhhhh! Do you hear all those independent home furnishings retailers slamming their doors shut? HFIA (Home Furnishings Independents Association) and R&A Marketing are doing something about it this November. “Once the main source for furniture, independent furniture retailers are losing their local customer base and don’t understand why,” says Mary Frye, President of HFIA. “Many independent furniture retailers try to compete on product and price. That can be a slippery path. We believe these days it’s not about chasing dollars, it’s about winning a share of your customer’s heart; forming relationships that lead to business.” HFIA is co-sponsoring this year’s R&A Roundtable November 13th and 14th in Ohio. Six powerful educational sessions are planned for independent retailers. The sole purpose is to light the future path for independent furniture retailers. At the end of these two days, independent retailers will discover what it takes to become a company that their customers love. The two days are titled “A Revolution of the Heart” and will cover: - The Struggle To Survive: what’s facing independents in the next ten years. - Synergistic Co-Workers: resolving conflict among co-workers Selling Customers Their Way: communication clues that increase sales. - Managing Your Mis-Hires: you don’t always choose the right person, do you? - Curing A Cobweb Culture: how to reduce your health care costs The Perfect Delivery: the last act of this sale and the seed to the next sale. There will also be an extra learning opportunity for sales managers titled “Sales Management Fire.” In an intense no-holds-barred session, retailers will receive the tools to dramatically improve their sales management. The Roundtable keynote instructor is Dr. Richard Grant, Austin, Texas. Dr. Grant is an internationally recognized communications trainer, speaker, and author. To schedule an interview or for more information, call 214-741-7632 during business hours and ask for Mary Frye. HFIA President Mary Frye Answers Questions About The Future or Independent Retailing and this year's Roundtable. Question: Why are many independent retailers struggling these days? Answer: Independent retailers struggle today because they are independent; because the home furnishings business has become more complicated than when they started in it; because they aren’t using the same resources that make business more challenging to their advantage. Question: What are successful independent retailers doing to succeed in today’s challenging world? Answer: Successful independent retailers are forming groups with other retailers so they can share their collective thinking for their mutual benefit. They are using the Internet to tell their story in a consistent, compelling way. They are training their staff members and they are keeping up with the home furnishings industry with new and old methods that make a positive difference to their profitability. They are both working on and in their businesses. The HFIA has recently made some changes to better assist independent home furnishings retailers succeed. Correct? Yes. We’ve changed our name to better identify who we “aim to please.” We are the community for independent businesses in the home furnishings industry – both retailers and those companies that want to do business with them. Question: You are co-sponsoring the R&A Roundtable this year. Who is R&A and what is the R&A Roundtable? Answer: R&A is a marketing company that is as passionate about independent retailers as we are. The Roundtable is an annual gathering of R&A clients and invited attendees, like HFIA members. Question: What is the focus of this year’s Roundtable? Answer: This year’s Roundtable is focusing on the changing consumer and what we need to know and do in order to effectively do business with them. Question: How do independent home furnishing retailers benefit by attending? Answer: Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how to deal with customers, employees and associates through better communication. They will hear valuable insights into advertising, a look into the next ten years for independent retailers, and how to handle basic business matters like employees, benefits and backroom operations. Question: Is the future bright for independent home furnishings retailers? Answer: Yes, the future is bright for independents. Independents are the speed boats in a sea of ocean liners. When an opportunity presents itself, independents can jump on it and take advantage of those first exhilarating moments. When corrective measures are called for, they take them as soon as the need is recognized. Independents are the ultimate source for personal, customized experiences for their customers. Independents can know their customers and use that knowledge to “wow” their customers.