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STORIS Introduces Release 8.4

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STORIS Management Systems, a leading supplier of Business Solutions and Services for Big Ticket retailers, announced the availability of Release 8.4 ‘More Features, More Options, More Power.’ 8.4 is the latest version of STORIS’ highly successful Windows-based product Vision R8. “We are thrilled to provide our clients with another fantastic release, which is packed with new features and functionality. This latest revision demonstrates our dedication to providing our clients with the most advanced tools to help them succeed in today’s competitive marketplace,” states Doug Culmone, COO of STORIS. The company reported that "STORIS’ current and future clients will benefit from key robust features including: Executive Vision, Image Wizard, Multiple Product Costs, End of Day Scheduling, and more." Some of these features are outlined below: Executive Vision: Executive Vision serves as a single gateway to a company's information and knowledge base enabling users to turn vast amounts of sales data into manageable, actionable information. This information is configured within graphically enhanced displays such as odometers, gauges, and graphs, and combines it with the advantage of using portal and docking technology. Included is the ability to view a filterable grid display which the user can click and drill down to specific detailed information. Because this acts as a portal by way of extracting information, the user can access all data reported with Sales Analysis Reporting, EIS, Executive Flash, and the Business Analysis Report Manager. Create multiple display groups, in multiple tabs, with multiple content windows of information, which display both graphics and grids. The docking capability also allows users to easily re-arrange, maximize, minimize, hide, and combine content windows in one or multiple tabs. The smart auto refresh feature updates content displays automatically. You can also import and export saved displays to share with other users on your network, as well as restore previous displays that were used. Image Wizard: Similar to the technology used to bring the dynamic Forms Designer and Report Viewer, the Image Wizard allows users to easily drag and drop merchandise images into a smart interactive catalogue. These images are automatically re-sized into thumbnail, medium, and large images, and are then automatically placed within the Vision R8 database and/or the eSTORIS system. Additionally, a camera icon has been added to multiple screens so the user can click on the camera and easily view the associated stored image on file. Camera icon screen options include: Product Settings, Sales Entry, Purchase Order Entry, Service Order Entry and 12 different inquiries including: View Stock Availability, View Open Orders by Product, and much more. Multiple Costs for a Product on a Purchase Order: List the same product on a purchase order multiple times, with multiple costs. This feature provides an excellent way of handling quantity purchase discounts for which precise costs need to be tracked per individual piece. It can also accommodate multiple variations of a special order frame number that needs to be ordered within one purchase. Emailing capabilities have also been increased allowing a purchase order to be sent to multiple email addresses. End of Day Scheduling: This enhancement allows the user to schedule an automatic start time for the End of Day (EOD) reporting process. Choose from the flexibility of running EOD reports at a specific time every day, specific days within a week, or on a specific day of the month. In addition, the user still has the ability to run EOD reports on demand. Release 8.4 is now available within STORIS’ SaaS and Sever Business solutions, and will be demonstrated at the High Point Furniture Market, October 1st- October 5th, in High Point, NC. About Vision R8: STORIS’ Vision R8 combines the intelligence, power and versatility of the STORIS system with the simplicity and visual beauty of the Windows environment. At the foundation of Vision R8 lies an integrated, real-time system that connects all the essential aspects of retail operations, from Point of Sale and Inventory Management, to Accounting, and Supply Chain Management. STORIS Management Systems, an IBM & Microsoft partner, provides technology solutions and services to Big Ticket retailers. Small and large retailers worldwide rely on STORIS to deliver the technology and support services to outperform their competition.

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