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Linwood Furniture Inc. Board of Directors Appoints Key Executives

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After eighteen months of operation, Linwood Furniture's board of directors has appointed Bob Shaak to the position of Chief Executive Officer and President, and Bryan Starnes as Sr. VP of Operations and Secretary. Both men are long-standing furniture industry veterans from Lexington, North Carolina. These appointments come as a natural evolution of the company as founders Jimmy Kepley and Dan Timberlake step down from their formal offices with the company to concentrate on their respective businesses. Kepley and Timberlake will continue to remain active in overseeing the strategic direction of Linwood as board members, along with fellow members Phil Good, Paul Miller and Jim Bingham. Going forward, Shaak and Starnes will lead the company's management team and focus on the day-to-day growth initiatives. "We have always envisioned this transition as an inevitable component to growth and this is a very positive indication that Linwood is not only on the right track, but moving forward quickly," noted Kepley. "Given the emphatic confidence that we have not only in Bob and Bryan, but in our entire management team, Dan and I feel comfortable in stepping back. In fact, we view this as a very positive step as we pave the way for the furniture executives to build a strong company for Linwood's shareholders, employees and retail partners." Timberlake echoed Kepley's sentiments in stating, "At this point, we believe we have collectively assembled the best possible tools to build upon Linwood's success. We are convinced that we have the very best management and employee base working with the best available equipment in the best furniture plant. It is now time to let the furniture veterans manage the company's growth and operations." Shaak credits Kepley and Timberlake for the tremendous time and attention they have invested in Linwood since its inception. "Without their emphatic personal commitment since day one, Linwood would not be in the enviable position it holds today. Each of these men is also responsible for the well-being of their own respective companies and it would not be fair to ask them to continue to perform these official duties going forward." Shaak was also quick to note, "While Bryan and I certainly appreciate these appointments and the confidence in us expressed by our Board, titles are not that important internally. At Linwood, our employees and retail partners are of utmost importance and we simply want to conduct business the way it should be, by offering a quality styled product for a fair value supported with the best service every single day." Linwood Furniture began operations in March 2006 as a contract manufacturer. Starnes was Linwood’s first employee and considered by all as not only integral to the initial operations, but critical to the future success of the company's growth. Earlier this year, Shaak came out of retirement to primarily lead the company's efforts in building its product and distribution base. Despite the soft economic environment, Linwood has experienced tremendous growth and currently employs 110 people with a commitment to future growth. Starnes said, "At Linwood, we recognize that as a company our number one commitment is to our employees because their first responsibility is our customers' satisfaction. Our employees are handcrafting furniture in a tradition that cannot be found anywhere else. We take great pride in our employees as they are truly the heart and soul of this company." "We all recognize Linwood's future success depends upon our ability to expand our marketing and sales efforts. With Bob's reputation for integrity, vast industry experience and strong network of relationships, Linwood is in good hands." For more information about Linwood Furniture and its collections, or to schedule an appointment during the fall High Point Furniture Market, please contact Ashleigh Heath. 919.749.1826 | heath.amcommunications@gmail.com