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Church Chair® Introduces Environmentally Friendly Chair Line

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Church Chair Industries, Inc. announced the launch of new Green Foam cushioning for their chair line; a high-performance, environmentally-friendly, flexible polyurethane foam for the furniture industry. Church Chair® will introduce the new green foam in their chair line during the summer of 2007. Church Chair’s® new Green Foam is a unique, highly durable flexible polyurethane foam, made partially from plant-based renewable raw materials. In our new Green Foam, these natural ingredients replace significant amounts of the petroleum-based materials traditionally used in foam-making. In addition, Church Chair’s® Green Foam is manufactured using a virtually emission-free manufacturing process that creates significantly higher quality cushioning material in a wide variety of density and firmness, resulting in a product that provides consistent comfort. It also contains organic, halogen-free fire retardants. "Our new Green Foam is the newest addition to Church Chair’s® product line, which provides the chair industry a superior alternative to traditional polyurethane, fibers and synthetic fiberfills," noted Dean Sammons, Church Chair's President. "Developing and manufacturing innovative chair designs to meet the exacting demands of our customers is our priority" he continued, "and the cornerstone of our future. Church Chair’s® new Green Foam will provide our customers with all of the physical properties they have come to expect from our chair line, while delivering a unique combination of significant environmental benefits as well. Our new Green Foam provides the durability, comfort and feel our customers have become accustomed to and is a tangible example of our commitment to become the chair industry’s leading environmentally-responsible company and supplier partner.” More information about Church Chair’s® environmental philosophy can be found at www.churchchair.com/environmental_data.php