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The Furniture Training Company Releases Much Anticipated Sales Training Program

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The Furniture Training Company announced the release of SalesForce – Selling with Service, its much-anticipated, premiere sales training course for the retail furniture industry.

The SalesForce training program teaches retail furniture sales associates how to sell more furniture to more customers and enables them to build long-term clientele. With a sales staff that has mastered the SalesForce selling skills, furniture retailers will set themselves apart from the competition by providing their customers with a level of service that won’t be found anywhere else.

Completing the SalesForce – Selling with Service program teaches sales associates the following skills: greeting customers, handling “I’m just looking” customers, discovering customer needs, presenting room solutions, overcoming objections, and closing sales with confidence. To recognize their achievement, program graduates receive a certificate for framing and a pewter lapel pin from The Furniture Training Company.

“We’re thrilled to release our second major online training program for the furniture industry,” said Mark Lacy, President, of The Furniture Training Company. “Retailers have been asking us for months now about the program’s availability; it’s exciting to finally announce the roll out of this incredibly innovative and affordable sales training program that has been so desperately needed. Now every retail furniture sales associate can become a professional salesperson.”

Delivering the training over the internet allows SalesForce – Selling with Service to be accessed individually by furniture sales associates 24/7 from anywhere: at the store, at home, or even while sitting in the coffee shop. Store owners and sales managers can also easily track employees’ progress over the web, monitoring the success of the program’s implantation.

SalesForce – Selling with Service incorporates all of the latest training technologies. Streaming video scenarios, interactive learning games, web-delivered quizzes, and in-store training exercises fully engage users and guarantee that the essential furniture selling skills are completely mastered by every furniture sales associate in the company. Technical support is provided free to all users.

(Go to http://www.furnituretrainingcompany.com or call toll-free (866) 755-5996 to learn more about SalesForce – Selling with Service and to sign-up for a FREE no obligation program TRIAL.)

About The Furniture Training Company: The Furniture Training Company is a subsidiary of LetterPress Software, Inc. and provides technology-based training services to the retail furniture industry. Since 2001 they have been providing training services to furniture retailers world-wide, from single-store independents to large retail furniture chains and department stores. The Furniture Training Company was established in the fall of 2006 to better service the furniture industry. They are also the provider of the award-wining Fundamentals of Furniture Product Knowledge online training program.

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