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Praley Street Wholesale Group Finds Niche In Medium-High Scratch & Dent Furniture Market

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Many independent retailers and designers are finding that there is less variety of competitively priced furniture available in small quantities. This is one of the problems arising with much of the furniture production moving to offshore sources. There is a small group of wholesale furniture companies located together in a large, old textile building in Valdese, North Carolina that are now fast growing in popularity with independent retailers and designers. And, the reason is that they are selling discounted medium to high-end furniture that many independent retailers and designers would not normally be able to economically carry. They share space in the 130,000 sq. ft. building and sell what would be described as salvage furniture. But, what the buyers are finding there does not fit that description. And, the buyers are now coming from as far away as New York, New Jersey, and even from Canada. What’s drawing the buyers is the fact that they have the opportunity to choose individual items, rather than buying entire lots or pallet loads. And, the variety allows them to pick from low priced, unfinished chair frames up to a polished, high-end dining table with gold gild. The companies in the building are owned by local people that have been in the furniture industry all their lives. And, their knowledge of the business not only allows them to offer low wholesale prices to the buyers, but also to give the buyers assistance with economical supporting services in the area - Such as upholstering, finishing and shipping. They have a contract upholstering company located in the building - And, often buyers will buy raw seating frames; have them finished locally; and upholstered right in the building. The shipping of the product is mostly the responsibility of the buyers - Though one of the companies will deliver their products within a 200 mile radius. So, many of the dealers that regularly come to the area to buy, will come with their own trucks. While others will rent trucks, or even use one of the area’s home delivery services. All of the furniture comes from name brand companies. Much of it is first quality pieces, that would be discontinued or overstock pieces. But there are also showroom samples, factory returns, freight damaged and repaired, as well as imperfect pieces. While many of the buyers buy the first quality pieces, there are some experienced furniture people that see the value of the imperfect high-end pieces - As the pieces are sold at such steep discounts, they see the value in repairing or even completely refinishing them. The building is located at 410 Praley Street SW in Valdese. Go to the links section at www.BruceStacy.com for more information or email neil@ndtradeservices.com.