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Retailer Chapter 1 Opens Free-Standing Zocalo Living Gallery

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Zocalo® announced the opening of Chapter 1’s Zocalo Living™ gallery in Hartford, CT. The 4,000 sq. ft. gallery gives customers a chance to experience Zocalo case goods and leather upholstery in an exclusive setting. The retailer has also dedicated floor space to Zocalo’s teen brand, Z Generation®. “After having so much success with Zocalo, I decided having a gallery store would be the best move for Chapter 1 and our customers,” owner Ron Smith said, on his decision to open the first Zocalo Living free-standing gallery. The process of dedicating an entire store to Zocalo has been a smooth transition for Smith. “Everybody loves it,” he said. “With Zocalo’s service, we’re always being taken care of.” Chapter 1’s Zocalo Living gallery carries the majority of Zocalo’s collections. ABOUT ZOCALO LIVING The Zocalo Living™ program offers dealers a cohesive yet flexible product and merchandising plan. Product selection and visual merchandising are tailored to the needs of each location by Gallery Program Manager Robert Maurer and Visual Merchandiser Nicolas Gutierrez. Each gallery partner is given a series of custom point-of-purchase displays and offered laminate wood flooring and free standing walls at cost. Specific vendor partners are pre-approved for lighting, artwork and bed linens to easily refine and choose presentation styling packages. Additional benefits include pricing rebates, priority shipping, store design assistance and free marketing materials. ABOUT ZOCALO Zocalo® was founded in San Francisco over 11 years ago by Jeremy Sommer. The company is known for its commitment to offering remarkable furniture that is fashionable yet approachable, and well-crafted but affordable. Created by in-house designers Jorge Jaramillo and Margaret Leigh, Zocalo’s unique collections offer something for everyone. For more information about Zocalo, visit www.zocalousa.com.

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