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Genesis Software Systems Unveils Software Backup Service

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Genesis Software Systems unveiled its new WebLink Backup service on May 1, 2007. “It’s not a question of if a computer system will fail,” notes Gary Sauther, President of Genesis Software Systems. “Because a computer is a machine, it really is a question of when it will fail. WebLink Backup guarantees a user will be ready when that happens. They won’t miss a beat in their business operation,” adds Sauther. WebLink Backup automatically creates secure backups for its users on an off-site server. Storing the backup data off-site protects against calamities like fire or theft at the business site. The off-site server is continually monitored by Genesis Software Systems from its home office in Spokane, Washington. WebLink Backup safely backs up data from any software program (including most currently available furniture software programs). Backups are automatically created each evening. User intervention is not required. A separate backup copy is maintained for each of the last seven days allowing for greater safety and flexibility when restoring data files. Users can access their backup data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Restoring data files is a simple point and click operation that does not require technical assistance. Genesis Software also provides a “Failsafe” service to WebLink Backup users. The dates and times of backups are continually monitored to make sure each user has a current and valid backup on the server. Users are automatically notified anytime their backups are more than 24 hours out of date. Highlights For WebLink Backup Include:

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