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Myriad Software announced that their Eclicktic™ clients who were able to download Version 4.4 with five major upgrade features, will soon have Version 4.5 available with even more highlights. And throughout the rest of 2007, Myriad’s Carolyn Crowley says the company will issue a few more releases to keep its clients ready to respond efficiently and effectively to today’s business needs. Sales Campaigning, a key component of Version 4.5, will be one of Myriad’s concentrations in future 2007 releases, says Crowley, the company’s president and co-founder. “E-mail is the best, the fastest and the most cost-effective way to reach customers. “Stores can get e-mails out weekly or monthly. And their customers, as well as prospects, are more likely to pay attention to these personalized messages, rather than to traditional junk mail-style advertising.” Version 4.5’s Accounts Payable and Container Capacity enhancements, along with the Charge-Back Reporting and Tracking feature, respond to niche business demands of major furniture retailers. For example, Accounts Payable modifications enable retailers to copy repeat invoices, such as rent and insurance, and pay them. While the entries are paid through Accounts Payable, they’re also automatically updated through General Ledger. Myriad continues to enhance its Container Capacity feature, this time by adding a new efficiency quotient to overseas shipping. Retailers will know to the cubic foot how much space is occupied and how much remains to be filled. It will be much easier to decide to hold shipments a week or two until container space can be maximized. Version 4.5’s Charge-Back Reporting and Tracking feature now integrates with inventory, providing retailers with a multifaceted program that allows users to adjust inventory counts at the same time charge-backs are reported and tracked – all in the same program. Myriad sales and support staff will spotlight all the new features of Version 4.5 at the upcoming WHFA convention in May and at the Las Vegas market in July. The company’s 4.4 will also be available for review. Version 4.4 features include: • Enhanced customer account to create returns and exchanges • Reporting on reason codes for the service module • Average Ticket value added to more CRM programs • Additional capabilities added to the sales analysis • More enhancements on creating automated purchase orders Myriad Software’s client base includes independent retailers doing $1 million and growing to $100 million, and most of the country’s top dealer programs. For more information about Versions 4.4 and 4.5 in advance of the shows, contact sales@myriadsoft.com, 1-800-676-4243 for more information.