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Five Top Tips for Increasing Your Sales This Christmas

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For furniture retailers who would like to make the most of increased customer traffic this Christmas, Bob Negen, retail marketing specialist offers five proven methods for increasing sales - and saving your sanity, this holiday season. There’s no single Christmas miracle on the list, but the combined power of these tried and true ideas is truly miraculous! - Attempt to add-on to every sale. Pick an item or two with high margins and universal appeal. Then get everyone on your staff to ask every single customer if they would like one. This simple act will generate thousands in additional sales. - Load up on impulse items and display them all over your store. Think stocking stuffers. - Sell up. ‘Tis the season to be generous, so always show your better quality merchandise. - Keep a close eye on your best sellers. Running out of your most popular items not only costs you sales, its bad customer service. - Markdown slow moving merchandise on time. It’s much easier (and more profitable!) to sell slow movers at 20% off in December, than at 50% off in January. About Bob Negen: Bob Negen, is a retail marketing specialist with over twenty years experience in the retail industry. The founder of a chain of successful US-Based toy stores, Bob now helps other retailers to increase sales and profits using proven retail marketing techniques. Bob has a long list of happy clients who sing his praises for showing them a new way to market their businesses. Bob also teaches retailers how to build greater customer loyalty and provide better customer service as part of a successful marketing plan. For more hot tips to warm up your Christmas sales contact Bob Negen, retail marketing specialist at majella@retail-business-tips.com.