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South Shore Launches Brand & Introduces 100 New Products

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In order to reinforce its leadership position in the Canadian furniture market and accelerate its penetration on the American marketplace, South Shore Industries recently adopted clearer positioning and a new visual identity. In addition to a new logo and tagline, South Shore Industries will now market its furniture under the name South Shore Furniture, which will continue to reflect the high standards the company has maintained for over 65 years. A new Visual Identity This new visual identity stems from in-depth research the company has conducted in 2005 to get a better understanding of its customers, consumers and today’s furniture industry. “South Shore Industries hopes to gain a sharper competitive edge, and develop new products adapted to the needs of our consumers,” stated Mr. Jean Laflamme, President and Chief Executive Officer of South Shore Industries. As part of the High Point Home Furnishings Market exhibition in North Carolina, the company launched 100 new products under the South Shore Furniture trademark, featuring adult and children’s bedroom furnishings as well as entertainment center furniture in keeping with the latest styles for which the company is known. A Distinctive Tagline In addition to introducing the new trademark, South Shore’s new image boasts a new tagline on which the entire positioning is based: A Smart Choice. “We decided on this unique tagline because it represents the very essence of our brand,” added Laflamme. “It tells consumers they made a wise decision by choosing a product that combines affordability with excellent quality and style.” In an industry where competition is fierce and the existence of many North American companies is threatened by strong rivalry from China, and other countries, South Shore Industries has decided to invest locally to secure its future and provide better service to its North American clientele. A logo that reflects the product Along with this positioning, South Shore is also unveiling a new logo that reflects the product’s friendly personality with warm tones of red and yellow. The logo, combined with the new trademark, will help the company be more accessible to its target audience by giving the product increased visibility and making it easier for consumers to identify the brand. About South Shore Industries: A leading Canadian manufacturer in the North American furniture industry, South Shore Industries were established in 1940. The company produces assembled and ready-to-assemble bedroom and entertainment center furniture that combines quality and functionality with the latest styles, at affordable prices. The three generations that have managed the company since it was founded have taken it to new heights, making South Shore Industries synonymous with quality and product durability. South Shore Industries employs over 850 people in three factories across Quebec, Canada.

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