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Breakthrough Foam Technology- Acella-Flex With SRT From Leggett & Platt.

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Leggett & Platt Urethane Division announced a breakthrough in advanced foam engineering - Acella-Flex® Urethane Foam with SRT®(Strut Reinforcing Technology). Leggett & Platt’s Urethane division, headquartered in Ft Worth, TX, has developed the revolutionary new foam. “Preliminary response from manufacturers has been phenomenal,” according to Gary Wahrmund, Sr. Vice President of the Urethane Group for Leggett. “The future of foam is in its’ ability to remain responsive and comfortable over time. With the development of Strut Reinforcing Technology, or SRT, foam will retain the quality that customers value - resiliency, comfort and durability, over the life of their furniture and bedding.” Leggett and Platt’s Urethane Division, Technical Director Steve Gilder explains, “Conventional flexible foams consist of many microscopic polyhedral-shaped cells packed together that are composed of polymers. Each cell has flat sides (windows) and frames (struts) that are interconnected through joints, or nodes. SRT technology alters the cell structure by redistributing the chemical from the windows within each foam cell to the struts and nodes making them thicker. In turn, this thicker polymer framework increases the support strength of the cells and improves airflow by removing more of the windows. Overall, this technology has revolutionized the future of flexible slab stock foam.” The open cell structure of Acella-Flex improves resiliency, adding a more cushioning “feel” to the foam as it adds durability. Airflow is increased to improve “breathability” of the foam, an important factor in keeping the consumer comfortable over the life of the product. Acella-Flex out-performs conventional foams in testing. Acella-Flex has been tested and shown to provide greater lasting comfort for use in home furniture and bedding, Gilder explains. Added benefits of Acella-Flex® include Fresh Foamª technology, a process that reduces odors associated with new foam. Today’s consumers want a home environment that is fresher and cleaner. Acella-Flex is hypoallergenic and features antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of mold and odor causing bacteria. Leggett uses global-friendly manufacturing processes for manufacturing foam, which are free of PBDEs and CFC’s. The Acella-Flex foam meets the Cal-117 (combustion modified) for peace of mind. Additional introductions of Acella-Flex Urethane Foam with SRT® will follow. For more information, contact Eddie Parvin L&P Urethane, (800 768 0265) or find more information at www.acellaflex.com.