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Gaining new customers can cost a business seven times more than keeping existing ones According to NEBS, a leading provider of personalized business products for more than 44 years, keeping a strong data base active by sending greeting cards, can be a powerful marketing tool for fostering and maintaining mutually rewarding relationships between small business owners and their customers. "Personalized greeting cards are a unique, inexpensive and non-intrusive way of communicating with customers on a regular basis,' said Michael Sullivan, Director of Marketing at NEBS. "Unlike much other mail, greeting cards get opened, read immediately, and even displayed. Most importantly they are remembered. " NEBS interviewed small business owners nationwide to understand why they send greeting cards. The respondents highlighted four key reasons: To cement a personal relationship with their customers. To send a personal thank you. Because the competition does. For a friendly hello. "We continue to see more interest in our Main Street Greeting Card Collection," added Sullivan. '"Whether it's a thank you or recall card, or holiday greeting, large and small businesses alike are looking for ways to strengthen their relationships with their customers. Large businesses are beginning to learn what small businesses have known for a long time - with so much competition, it's a concentration on building the relationship and customer service that keeps customers coming back. NEBS catalogs include hundreds of design and printing options for businesses of all sizes. To receive the latest NEBS catalogs or speak with a NEBS representative, interested small business owners can call 1(800)-FOR NEBS.

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