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1997-98 Guide to North American Particleboard and MDF Producers Published

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With growing capacity and demand for particleboard and MDF, what could be more timely than publication of the Composite Panel Association's 1997-98 Buyers and Specifiers Guide to particleboard and MDF producers and their products. This new Guide is now available free of charge from CPA. Together, CPA's 31 members and 66 mills in the U.S. and Canada represent more than 85% of North American manufacturing capacity, making the 1997-98 Buyers and Specifiers Guide the most comprehensive reference guide to North American producers of particleboard and MDF. The new 14-page Guide includes: General information about using particleboard and MDF, including applicable standards Sales information for all 31 CPA member companies in the U.S. and Canada (address, telephone, fax, web site) A poster-sized fold out with mill locations and specifications for each of CPA's 66 member mills, including types of product manufactured, predominant wood species used, special treatments and applications available, density ranges, mill press sizes, etc. Last published in January 1996, the Guide has always been CPA's most requested publication. Please call CPA at (301) 670-0604 to receive a copy of the Guide or fax your request to (301) 840-1252. The mill specifications in the Guide will also appear on CPA's web site (pbmdf.com) later this summer in a search-and-retrieve format. The Composite Panel Association is the trade association for North American producers of particleboard, MDF and other compatible products. CPA was formed in early 1997 as a consolidation of the members of the National Particleboard Association and the Canadian Particleboard Association, and has offices in the U.S. (Gaithersburg, Maryland) and Canada (Montreal, Quebec).