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IKEA Home Furnishings Introduces "The Great American Furniture Trade-In"

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"All good things must come to an end"...."love is fleeting"..."things change." One day you wake up and that leather sofa just doesn't make your heart beat the way it once did. That wall unit doesn't fill your needs and that chair doesn't hug you like it did when you first met. You realize it's time to move on, but it's not your fault and it's not the furniture's fault... it's just time. But does that mean that all the furniture and accessories that once made your apartment or house a home must be cast aside? Does that mean that after giving up the best years of its life, your furniture has nothing else to give? Well, IKEA Home Furnishings says it wasn't true for Ivana Trump and it's not true for your armoire. In fact, your old furniture can make a huge difference in someone's life. That is why IKEA is introducing a new program called "The Great American Furniture Trade-In." The program is designed to remind, encourage and reward people for donating old furniture to the Salvation Army where it can help less fortunate people. The way the program works is quite simple: All you have to do is bring in proof (an official Salvation Army receipt) to any IKEA location that you've donated your old furniture and IKEA will in turn give you $40 off your new furniture purchase of $200 or more. The program will begin August 1st and run through September 30th. According to Gregg Mowins, spokesperson for IKEA Home Furnishings, the re-use of furniture is extremely important. "IKEA has always believed in figuring out new ways for people to live better everyday and this campaign is a perfect way for us to help both those people who are fortunate enough to purchase new furniture and also help those who can't."

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