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Latex Foam Products Wins First Patent For Mattress Core Combining Latex And Polyurethane

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Patented Core Means Lower Cost To Retailers and Consumers Based On Innovative RaceTrack Design: Latex Foam Products, Inc. has been awarded a patent (U.S. Patent No. 5,701,623) for its innovative RaceTrack mattress core, according to an announcement made today by Jonathan May, President and Chief Operating Officer, Latex Foam Products, Inc. The new product, the RaceTrack mattress core, enables retailers to offer consumers the support, comfort and health benefits of latex at an affordable price. Even before the patent was approved, the RaceTrack mattress core was an overwhelming success. It represents, in fact, 25 percent of all latex mattress sales and continues to grow each quarter. The RaceTrack was developed to provide a high-quality latex mattress at a lower price point. It features a latex center surrounded by more economical polyurethane at the edges and at the head and foot, allowing for a solid latex sleep surface. This unique combination reduces the cost of a mattress, provides the ultimate comfort for sleep and a firm edge for sitting, without sacrificing durability. "We are extremely proud to receive this patent for RaceTrack, a truly ingenious mattress core," stated May. "We are taking a number of steps, including introducing new products like RaceTrack, to broaden the public's access to and awareness of this exceptional bedding product. Now manufacturers can offer a top quality latex mattress at higher volume mid-range price points-and this is contributing directly to the explosive growth in latex mattress sales. It is also an example of our commitment to work as a partner with manufacturers and retailers to develop a latex program. " RaceTrack is one of the many options Latex Foam Products offers through its "Build Your Own" mattress program designed to enable manufacturers to create a unique mattress line to fit their marketing goals and customer needs. The use of latex in mattresses is desirable because latex is durable and provides a high level of comfort and support. Latex has been known to remain resilient for twenty or more years. Although comfortable, supportive and durable, the average consumer may find mattress designs of solid latex costly. Therefore, a mattress design was created which is relatively easy and inexpensive to manufacture, and includes core and border sections comprised of different materials to make latex more affordable. Latex Foam Products, headquartered in Ansonia, CT, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of latex products for more than twenty years. In 1997, Latex Foam Products and the European based Sapsa, the world's largest latex mattress manufacturer, formed Latex International, a joint venture. For more information call 1-800-LATEX-US e-mail: tmccain@latexfoam.com.

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