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Humble Mattress Given Some Italian Flair

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They say that if you build a better mouse trap then people will beat a path to your door. That might well be true but one company has come up with a novel twist to that original idea. Take your average mattress, a pretty boring subject to say the least, even if we do spend a third of our lives on it. Here we have a rectangular, rigid object that sits in our bedroom. We try not to move it around because it isn't easily done. We avoid changing it because we don't usually think about it and secondly we are not very keen about having to drag it downstairs only to have to go through the same process with the new one. So we let it sit there. Five, ten, even twenty years go past. Without being noticed it has sagged and lost its support. At the same time our back has adapted to the arched shape of our mattress. We start to complain that the years are catching up to us with comments like: "I wake up and every bone in my body aches", "I toss and turn all night; I just don't sleep properly anymore". Ever stopped and asked yourself, why? Ever considered that maybe that old dust mite ridden, sagging, unsupportive mattress may be the cause of all your problems. Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and make a change. Enter Mattresses Direct Inc., and their innovative and low priced Pierre Cardin mattress range. Using next generation materials and technology to provide, what is as close as you can get, to the perfect night's sleep. Mattresses that won't sag or loose their support after just a few years. A mattress environment that is not conducive to the build up of dust mites and other annoying nasties. A mattress that will give you a restful sleep night after night for many years to come. So what? Every mattress manufacturer says the same thing. Well here's the twist I mentioned. What if you could carry your Queen Size (or any other size) mattress on your shoulder and take it to your bedroom? What if UPS delivered it to your door anywhere in the country? What if you could pick one up and put it in the back seat of your car to take home immediately? Thanks to the innovative thinking at Mattresses Direct, you can! All their mattresses are Italian made and vacuum packed. They are reduced down to approximately one tenth of their original size and rolled up. You then simply place the mattress on your existing bed foundation and open it up. Within minutes it returns to its original full and permanent size ready for you to sleep on. It is in perfect, pristine condition just like the day it was manufactured. Clearly, it then cannot ever be rolled up again! But what is more important is that it will provide all the benefits that make for an ultimate night's sleep. Mattresses Direct Inc., gives you a choice of styles and sizes to choose from. You may prefer a little more firmness in your mattress like that found in their Verflex range or the luxury of the Ultralattex or maybe you would prefer the sheer indulgence that only Memory Foam has to offer. Regardless of which style you decide on you will still be getting all the quality, low price and excellence of the "Made In Italy" label. We may not yet have a better mousetrap but we have no excuses for not having the ultimate mattress to sleep on. Visit the Mattresses Direct Web Site at www.mattressesdirect.biz or see them at one of the many Home Shows they attend across the US. For more information, contact: Bert Tassoni Email: bert@mattressesdirect.biz Website: http://www.mattressesdirect.biz

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