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Easy Furniture Web Tip #79 - Don't Skimp on Internet Copywriting

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By Katherine Andes

I was speaking with a client recently. Her project had blossomed from a simple assignment to write her home page copy, to a full-blown development of her website pages.

Although it was costing more than she had planned, my client was thrilled because her website was turning out beautifully and already bringing in results.

But one day she commented, “You know, Kathy, we hadn’t budgeted for this.”

I replied, “Nobody does … so don’t feel bad.”

And that’s true. Most companies large and small just don’t budget for Internet copywriting.

According to link specialist Debra Mastaler, “Good copywriters are worth their weight in gold …” In her article, 7 Deadly Link Sins, she lists the numerous reasons businesses have trouble getting quality inbound links to their websites — which affects their rankings in search results. Here’s her full quote:

"7.  You were too cheap to pay for a good copywriter. Good copywriters are worth their weight in gold, without them we’d have no content to promote or linkbait to push. You can fill out profiles, buy directory submissions and drop comment links all day and still never obtain the algorithmic and business authority you achieve from a well written piece of promoted content. Skip the $10 an article services and find a copywriter who understands your market and marketing goals. You’ll see the benefits in rankings and bottom line."

I would only add to her comments, that what makes a good copywriter for the Internet is one who also understands SEO (search engine optimization) and how to develop web page content.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 79: Good Internet copywriters are worth their weight in gold. For ROI, skip the article mills.
Katherine Andes is a consultant who specializes in Internet copywriting for websites and search engine optimization (SEO) — especially in the home improvement market. You can phone her at 559.589.0379 or email at

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