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Articles published in 2022

Editor's Corner: The Thing About Next Big Things  - 5/16/2022

What do motorized furniture delivery trucks, furniture brand holding companies, warehouse furniture showrooms and furniture e-commerce have in common?

Retail Automation - Part 2  - 5/15/2022

Whatever your business model, automation is needed to accomplish more with less time and allow your precious human talent to focus on what they do best.

Advertising Balance  - 5/15/2022

Research shows that more diversification in media buys can be beneficial for many furniture retailers.

The Honey Don’t List  - 5/15/2022

There are many habits on and off the sales floor that can kill sales and reduce customer satisfaction.

Next Level Training: Heart of the Sale  - 5/15/2022

Making an engaging product demonstration that builds value, enlightens customers, and convinces them through comparison, helps get the job done.

HFA Reports: CITY Furniture  - 5/15/2022

How to build a retail culture of accountability and performance.

HFA Reports: Perspectives at HFA  - 5/15/2022

Building a retail culture of accountability and performance

The Impact of Emotional Branding  - 5/14/2022

The most powerful way for any home furnishings company to define an experience, says David Blair, is in emotional terms.

Re-Recruiting Works  - 5/14/2022

Consider the benefits of scheduling bite-sized meetings with employees. The value of these ‘stay’ or re-recruiting talks can be huge.

Why Furniture Recommerce?  - 5/14/2022

Furniture recommerce may be the next big thing for furniture retailers who want to tell sustainable stories, acquire new customers and add income from returned items.

Next Level Training Part 4 - Closing Moxie!  - 3/21/2022

Sol was the best closer in a chain of 23 furniture stores. He passed along the following three selling “moxies” that are still relevant to salespeople today.

HFA Reports: Talent Acquisition  - 3/21/2022

Nine important considerations for designing retail talent acquisition strategies.

Different Perspectives at HFA  - 3/21/2022

Joining HFAs executive committee are RandiLynn Talsma, Salvador Llanos, Jared Simon and Eric Easter.

Editor's Corner: Nothing New Under The Sun  - 3/21/2022

The rebirth of customer service as the customer experience.

Advertising Can Only Take You So Far  - 3/20/2022

Conversations between retailers and ad agencies need to expand beyond questions of creative and media.

Playing the Retail Bowl Game  - 3/20/2022

Retail owners and managers need to have the skills of both professional and college head coaches.

Lock Yourself in the Kitchen  - 3/19/2022

Ideas by way of Jagger and Richards for Furniture World readers to either consider or dismiss.

Design For In-Store Customer Service  - 3/13/2022

Store planner Jennifer Magee looks at ways to re-imagine customer service areas to give shoppers the very best in-store experiences.

Design & Designer: Young Huh  - 3/13/2022

Interior designer Young Huh talks about current trends and how to engage with clients on an emotional level.

Retail Success: Couch Potatoes & Furniture Mall  - 3/13/2022

An unlikely story of grit, faith, and a belief that there is nothing—people or furniture—that cannot be loved or repaired.

Retail Automation  - 3/13/2022

Whatever your business model, automation is needed to accomplish more with less time and allow your precious human talent to focus on what they do best.

Common Sense Approaches to Customer Service  - 1/10/2022

Remove six major roadblocks to providing great customer service that exist in the vast majority of retail furniture stores.

Does Sales Training Matter?  - 1/10/2022

Personnel turnover is high and training costs time and money.

Offer New Employees a 20 Percent Pay Increase  - 1/10/2022

Help to find your next $500,000 to $1 million dollar closer, organize your business and keep fully staffed in this tight job market.

Next Level Training - Part 3  - 1/10/2022

Sales training during onboarding often focuses on what’s important to stores. Ongoing training needs to refocus on what’s important to customers.

HFA Reports: What’s Keeping Retailers Up at Night?  - 1/10/2022

The Home Furnishings Association asked its members. Here’s what they said.

HFA Reports  - 1/10/2022

A review of national and local legislative and regulatory activity initiated on behalf of home furnishings retailers.

Editor’s Corner: The Happiest Man in the World  - 1/10/2022

In an environment where delivery disasters, supply snafus, warehouse worries, and cranky customers are the norm, it has to be tough for retail owners and managers to be happy.

Retail Funnel & Path Metrics  - 1/2/2022

Improve the effectiveness of systems and move customers from an initial inquiry to a repeat purchase.

Trust & Delivery Accountability  - 1/2/2022

Steps you can take to provide truthful delivery time estimates by keeping vendors accountable, plus keep sales and delivery personnel informed.

Design & Designer: Patti Carpenter  - 1/1/2022

Product developer and trend analyst Patti Carpenter provides insight into color, retail trends and ways to connect with the value systems of consumers.