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Ergo Depot Announces A New Name: Fully

Furniture World News Desk on 12/26/2016

Ergo Depot, a retailer of ergonomic furniture, recently announced that it is changing its name to reflect the company’s dedication to inspiring healthy movement. Starting today, they will be known as Fully, a name that reflects the company’s focus on helping each customer find the furniture that optimizes posture, movement and performance.

“When we are fully in our bodies, a better version of us shows up,” said David Kahl, Fully’s founder. “We feel more, we make better decisions, we're a good force for those around us.”

Fully has grown quickly since its founding in Portland, Oregon in 2005. It has expanded from its Portland headquarters, opened showrooms in San Francisco and Baltimore, and added distribution centers on both the West and East Coasts.

Fully offers desks, seats and accessories that allow people to move and feel more alive and engaged in their work or at home. In addition to offering the most highly rated ergonomic furniture options from a variety of manufacturers, the company also designs and sells its own products, including the best-selling Jarvis adjustable-height standing desk.

In 2017, Fully plans include a new Portland storefront and several new products, including an “everyday” chair, and the company’s first foray into home seating.

“We use every single product we sell so if we don’t love it—how it performs, how it looks, how it’s made— it doesn’t make the cut,” said Kahl. “That dedication to truly great products that help our customers live better will only grow as we do.”

For more information or to shop for products visit: www.fully.com