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Unbounce Acquires U.S.-Based Marketing Analytics Platform, LeadsRX

Furniture World News Desk on 1/12/2022

Unbounce, the conversion intelligence platform, announced the acquisition of LeadsRx, a marketing analytics SaaS platform that makes it easier for marketers and agencies to measure the performance of their marketing channels.

Founded in 2015 in Portland, Oregon, LeadsRx helps marketers understand the value of each customer touchpoint across digital, radio, TV, podcasts, streaming services, and other advertising channels, allowing them to better optimize their conversion paths, ad spend and ROI. This acquisition positions Unbounce to be able to bring the power of marketing attribution to its small and midsize business customers.

Since its inception, LeadsRx has helped marketers optimize billions of dollars in marketing spend, collect anonymous customer data from 2.5 billion customer touchpoints, and help them make faster and more informed decisions. Today, LeadsRx serves more than 5,000 global and local brands and agencies ranging from iHeartMedia and Casper to Cumulus Media, Diray Media and Rakuten Advertising.

“Attribution is one of the most painful parts of marketing — validating your costs and ROI to your CEO, clients and investors is harder than ever as competition and new marketing channels continue to grow at a rapid pace. LeadsRx solves these pain points for marketers by showing them which channels are performing and which aren’t,” said Tamara Grominsky, Chief Strategy Officer of Unbounce. “By combining LeadsRx’s wealth of new data with our conversion intelligence platform, we have the opportunity to deliver conversion value to marketers across a wider spectrum of the marketing funnel. We’re thrilled to welcome LeadsRx to the Unbounce team as we continue our journey of bringing conversion intelligence solutions to marketers around the world.”

LeadsRx is deeply committed to consumer data privacy. The company works off its proprietary technology that collects first-party data only. Unlike marketing attribution platforms of its kind, LeadsRx doesn’t rely on third-party cookies but instead develops private identity graphs for each of its clients.

“Unbounce and LeadsRx share a vision for the future of marketing that machines and marketers can work better together to produce the best results possible,” said AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx. “We’re bringing together some of the most creative and inventive engineers, marketing and customer services professionals — I’m excited for what the future holds and the innovative products we will be able to offer companies and agencies around the world.”

Together, these two marketing technology powerhouses will unlock new opportunities to help marketers and businesses grow smarter and faster. Brown will remain CEO of LeadsRx while reporting to Bochicchio but otherwise the  21-person LeadsRx team will continue to operate independently. While Unbounce plans on bringing the value of marketing attribution to its conversion intelligence platform, LeadsRx and Unbounce will remain standalone platforms until further assessment takes place.

Since 2009, Unbounce has helped hundreds of thousands of marketers in 100+ countries create high converting content and accelerate their business ROI. Today, Unbounce is a distributed team of over 250 people and has over 100,000 customers that rely on its landing pages, copy creation, and campaign optimization tools to accelerate their ROI and grow smarter. Over the past two years, Unbounce has begun to shape a new era of marketing by helping more SMB marketers experience the power of Conversion Intelligence solutions.


About Unbounce
Unbounce is a Conversion Intelligence platform for small and midsize businesses that pairs a marketer’s own know-how and expertise with machine learning to effortlessly increase sales and conversions. From pre-optimized landing pages to compelling copy creation, to campaign optimization with the flip of a switch, Unbounce is helping marketers grow smarter and faster. Founded in Vancouver, BC, Unbounce is a people-first business, one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures and has powered over 1.5 billion conversions worldwide. For more information, visit Unbounce.com.