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CabinetBed Adds Antimicrobial Enhanced Coating to All of Their Products

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CabinetBed Inc. recently announced that it is now adding KCI-AMA, an Antimicrobial enhanced coating supplied by Katilac Coatings Inc, to all the products .

KCI-AMA is an antimicrobial enhanced coating that offers a long-term protection against a wide range of pathogens including disease causing germs and viruses. This topcoat provides long term, dry film protection against a wide range of bacteria, mold, and fungus. It's non-leaching, non-toxic and certified for use in both Canada and the United States.

With their mattresses already being  CentiPUR-US certified, the new coating now offers retailers the ability to sell CabinetBed products with this new value-added health benefit.


About CabinetBed Inc.: Every Cabinet Bed is hand made in our Vancouver based manufacturing facility using only the highest quality materials. Birch Plywood, CentiPUR-US mattresses, premium hardware options and much more.From our formaldehyde free plywood to our CertiPUR-US mattresses, all our products use only the safest products. For more information, visit cabinetbed.ca.

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