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Lectra Partners With Japanese Furniture Design Company Karimoku

Furniture World News Desk on 12/26/2019

Lectra recently announced a partnership with Karimoku, a leading Japanese furniture design company based in the Aichi and Gifu provinces of Japan. Karimoku's implementation of Lectra's Furniture On Demand system will enable the design company to connect its IT system to its cutting room and transform and digitalize its fabric-cutting process. The efficiency of the made-to-order production process will allow Karimoku to expand it sales footprint globally.

Karimoku chose to collaborate with Lectra on this project because of Lectra's experience in the global furniture industry, and its knowledge of advanced technologies related to the field. By integrating this system into Karimoku's production model, Lectra will provide a radical upheaval of the brand's manufacturing process and allow it to stay one step ahead of competitors in the industry. Lectra's system creates a direct link between factory production and the consumer, greatly simplifying a client's ability to streamline their business model towards catering to consumer demand.

"In the future, we will be able to monitor multiple production sites remotely from a central location. Our ultimate goal is a direct link between factory and customer. Lectra is leading the way, allowing us to make our ambition a reality," said Hiroyuki Hayashi, Karimoku's Senior Managing Director. "We want to radically change our manufacturing process and Lectra is the ideal partner for a change of this magnitude. I think Lectra's solutions are the best in the world."

With the Made to Order technology, Karimoku's customers will be able to customize over 100 models of upholstered furniture with a wide variety of fabrics, leathers, and woods in different dimensions. The company receives 300 orders a day and uses, on average, three types of material per order, which equals 900 cutting orders per day. Of those 300 orders, 80 percent are for made-to-order furniture. Lectra's system will drastically increase the efficiency of Karimoku's production model, and will open many doors for the company's expansion in the furniture industry.

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