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Specialty Sleep Association Showroom To Host Four New Exhibitors At Las Vegas Market

Furniture World News Desk on 1/12/2015

The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) showroom in Las Vegas (C1656) reported that buyers will find innovative mattresses, pillows, bedding, protectors, heat/cooling technologies, frames, furniture, software, mattress display systems and more. Brand new companies Allassea, CleanBrands, Thomashilfen and TMI are debuting their products in the SSA showroom. Below is a brief introduction to their products, followed by product introductions from returning companies within the SSA showroom this market.

Brand New in the Showroom:
  • TMI Molded Foam Tech is launching their new line of “Grand Comfort Collection” Molded Foam Memory Pillows incorporating some very exciting “CoolFlow” Technology! CoolFlow is an innovative formulation technology specifically designed to target the main weakness of conventional memory foam – which is its hot, non-breathable property. TMI reports that CoolFlow is a new polymer design which opens the cell structure and improves the air flow by 95%, thereby dissipating heat and moisture 3X faster than conventional memory foam. Stop in and let the TMI folks tell you about it – they will also mention open cell structures that manage to increase the recovery rate of the visco, larger temperature performance ranges, minimized stiffness…and more. TMI is also launching its new POP Cylinder Travel Carry Bag as well! 
  • CleanBrands LLC will debut their “sleep sweet trio™” and they say that it will “prove that comfortable is now healthy” through its three offerings – CleanRest® pillows and CleanRest mattress protectors for consumers, and specialized sales training for its retail customers. CleanRest® Pillows will be featuring CleanBrands® new WayBetter Foam™ while both CleanRest® Pillows and CleanRest® Mattress Encasements will feature the company’s patented MicronOne® fabric technology. “We are really so proud to be introducing WayBetter Foam™ - made from a a really magnificent material - to the Winter Market!” said Gary Goldberg, founder and CEO of CleanBrands, “WayBetter Foam™ means there is no need to compromise anymore. Healthy is better, and consumers no longer have to live with the knowledge that other products can make them sick.” Goldberg reports that WayBetter Foam™, made right here in the USA, is made from renewable natural polyols that produce no harmful emissions during manufacturing... has no petroleum by-products, is PH neutral, and leaves a negative carbon foot print. There is so much more to say about this product – don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about this and MicronOne® - their patented fabric technology which was born from Mr. Goldberg’s desire to protect his son from micro-toxins like dust mite waste or mold spores that build up over time in pillows, mattresses or box springs. CleanBrands has lots to tell you!
  • The third debut is Thevo by Thomashilfen, a mattress system designed with MiS Micro-Stimulation®. They report that their mattresses combine a high quality, open-celled foam with a winged suspension underframe which contours to the body and wicks away moisture. As the person lies on the surface of the mattress, the “wings” support the person’s movements and provide gentle feedback. They report that the result is a mattress that fully supports the spine, neck, back and legs, while helping to improve blood flow, relieving aching muscles, and maintaining an optimal body temperature. 
  • 4. ALLASSEA Sleep Systems is a distributor of mattresses, pillows, and wireless adjustable bases, with warehousing and shipping out of Greensboro, North Carolina, and plans to add a shipping facility in California. ALLASSEA will debut an exclusive Self Regulating Ice Foam Technology, which they report maintains a cooling temperature throughout the entire sleep experience, as well as low priced wireless head only and wireless head and foot adjustable bases. Ask them about their fast 3-day delivery to retail locations or an individual's home. 

Returning companies – debuting brand new products:
  • Arason Enterprises are debuting the Float-A-TableTM - a handy little table which hangs on the wall at any height for a bedside table with a roomy 3-inch deep drawer for stashing personal items or clutter. Arason believes it can be used for a convenient hall table or laptop desk, too, and its creation of unobstructed floor area is good for people with disabilities. 
  • Electropedic will introduce their new Body Sense Pillow, made in the USA of Latex and Memory Foam that is both breathable and soft, and they report it is unlike any pillow you have seen before. Utilizing their Patent Pending Noodle Technology, Paul Krause says “we have created the world’s best pillow.” All pillows are manufactured in USA. 
  • InnerSpace Sleep Luxury is introducing their all new 10-inch high density foam mattress which they say provides maximum support and comfort for those who desire a firm sleep level. The mattress is composed of three layers of high density foam that help maintain body posture and relieve the aches and pains often associated with softer memory foam mattresses. The zippered mattress cover is composed of Rayon, Tencel and Lycra yarns for comfort and durability. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Palmpring is introducing Hypo-Allergenic, Organic Latex & Coconut Coir Mattresses – which they say are superior-quality, eco-friendly mattresses covered in organic cotton cover & wool, and which appeal to Health-conscious Consumers.
  • Royrack is presenting their Select-A-Mat series of mattress racking systems – but debuting a savings in excess of 20% which has been engineered into the product line. Owner Roy Konrath states " We have kept the same design, the same quality but have added efficiencies at the manufacturing level to achieve the savings, while keeping it domestically made in the USA" 
  • Longtime SSA member Tyler Net, Inc is introducing its Smartwerks™ Mobile POS, which allows a retailer to run all of their Point Of Sale modules from an Ipad or Tablet. Retailers can run the “Easy Sell” and accept credit cards on the go; plus, their delivery staff can finalize the transaction at the customer's home. They report that “selling has never been easier or faster.”
For more information on the Specialty Sleep Association ( SSA) and the summer Las Vegas Market 2014, go to: www.sleepinformation.org   www.BEDFAX.org