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New 360 HD Viewer Helps Retailers Transform Online Furniture Shopping

Furniture World News Desk on 11/24/2014

Tech-startup Cylindo recently announced the release of the 360 HD Viewer; technology designed specifically to give furniture retailers superior product presentations on websites.

The 360 HD Viewer includes:
  • Ultra-sharp 4k image.
  • Instant application of product variations.
  • 360 degree product rotation to view every angle.
  • Full screen option for biggest possible product image.
  • Powerful zoom for crystal clear close-up.
The furniture industry has received the 360 HD Viewer with enthusiasm. Among the early adopters of the software are prominent US and UK retailers, such as; Gallery Furniture, Steelcase, FAMSA and Discover&Deliver.

"As an online retailer it is important to us that the furniture is presented in a highly engaging way.” says Isabel Rutland, CEO and Founder of Discover&Deliver, a UK retailer of design furniture who was one of the first to see the potential of the 360 HD Viewer.

Furniture is often available with a myriad of choices, from fabric colors and textures to wood finishes. Showing customers photos of all the choices is difficult at best, and can lead retailers to limit their offer for the sake of manageability.

The 360 HD Viewer relieves this headache by eliminating photography; instead, everything is created digitally. Photo-realistic renders allow color or material changes to be made and viewed instantly. Whether the sofa has ten color choices or a hundred – you only need one 360 HD Viewer to display all of them.

Steelcase, one of the world’s largest office furniture manufacturers, solved the problem of showing all product configurations and linking everything with ecommerce by using the 360 HD Viewer.

Natalia Sordo, the Head of Marketing at FAMSA explains, “Providing a full view of products help to reduce customer doubts and increase their trust in what they see online, this is a great help in increasing sales”.

The 360 HD Viewer makes pages look clean while simultaneously allowing a lot more choices to be available. Cluttered online pages with less than gorgeous product images are a thing of the past, and because the 360 HD Viewer is mobile responsive, pages look stunning regardless of the device consumers use.

The 360 HD Viewer integrates seamlessly with the furniture retailer’s existing website. No need to create anything new; just assign a frame into which Cylindo can embed the software. This setup provides retailers with an easy-to-manage way of upgrading their online presence without investing endless hours in website development.

Retailers with online shopping can integrate the 360 HD Viewer with their existing ecommerce. Connecting the 360 HD Viewer to the ecommerce platform ensures correct product data is loaded, guaranteeing customers see the correct price every time.

Furniture retailers prefer being busy selling furniture, not communicating between multiple vendors to get their products online. Cylindo provides content, software and hosting, freeing up valuable time for the furniture retailers to do what they do best – sell furniture.

Further information about the 360 HD Viewer is available on cylindo.com or please contact Jesper Brandt, CCO, at jesper@cylindo.com