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Magniflex to Shift New Product Launch Strategy

Furniture World News Desk on 6/5/2021

In an effort to better align with the needs of its dealers, Magniflex USA, a manufacturer of mattresses made in Italy, will begin introducing new collections at times when their dealers request them, as opposed to launching new products at trade shows four times a year. The company will continue to launch new lines and technologies in January to target its current customer base and focus the remainder of the year on launching accessories and spotlighting current collections.


Magniflex will utilize the High Point Market to highlight their current product lines, especially their best-selling collections, and to discuss new opportunities with their customers. The new strategy marks a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to new product development and introductions, and will enable the company to help its retail partners to keep up with the strong demand for its current collections.


“For years, the industry has been overly fixated on releasing new products every three months to keep up with the market cycle,” Billy Curtright, national sales manager of Magniflex USA. “Moving forward, we will reconfigure our strategy to focus on strengthening our current bedding collections and introducing new products as our customers need them. Meanwhile, we will use the Markets to strengthen our connections with our customers.”


At the upcoming Spring High Point Market, Magniflex will highlight its recently launched Toscana collection of high-end, eco-friendly mattresses – including its most recent addition to the grouping, the Cotton Lux 10, an affordably priced model with a suggested retail of $1,899.


“In addition to the Markets, our Miami showroom is open year-round, which includes prototypes of new products and possible new additions to our U.S. lineup. Having our showroom as part of our headquarters makes it possible for us to meet with new and potential customers who may not attend the big shows or choose to seek out new product beyond of the traditional market-cycle,” added Curtright.


Along with the Cotton Lux 10, the Toscana collection includes the Cotton Grande Dual 12 and the Cotton Caress 9 models. The cotton used in the covers of all three beds is certified as organic by the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) and by OEKO-TEX, two of the world’s most prestigious organizations involved in the certifying of organic textiles.


Magniflex will spotlight its products in the showroom of Copeland Furniture, which is located on Floor 5, suite 5100 of the Showplace building. This will be the company’s first appearance at a High Point show since October 2019. The Spring 2021 High Point Market is scheduled for June 5-9.



About Magniflex: Magniflex  was founded nearly 60 years ago in a suburb of Florence, Italy, and today more than 35 million people in 99 countries sleep on Magniflex mattresses. Known as a world leader in quality, comfort, and innovation, Magniflex was the first mattress company in the world to gain certifications from OEKO-TEX®. The company’s central manufacturing facility produces up to 10,000 mattresses a day, many of which are exported to countries such as Japan, Spain, Germany, Russia, the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.magniflex.com