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Magniflex Unveils Creative Website for ‘GiNO’

Furniture World News Desk on 10/19/2020

As Italian mattress manufacturer Magniflex prepares for the launch of its new GiNO brand designed to target millennials, the company has unveiled a fun, hip website established to entice consumers to engage with the brand early and to drive foot traffic into retail stores.

The website, located at GiNOItalianMattress.com, offers a playful personality that includes classic Italian food items like basil, tomatoes and spaghetti noodles, to mirror the new mattress’ packaging designed to look like a spaghetti box. Designed with a clean white background, the imagery offers a minimalist feel and encourages consumers to sign up to be the “first to meet GiNO” by sharing an email address.

“The new website is a key ingredient in our marketing strategy for GiNO and is specifically designed to create brand awareness as we ready our launch to our targeted audience – millennials,” said Billy Curtright, national sales manager for Magniflex. “The contact information we gather will be used to bolster our marketing outreach to an already engaged consumer base that we can share with our retail partners. We’ve put a lot of creative thought into bringing GiNO’s personality to life while playing on our Italian roots. Food plays a central role in the Italian culture. It brings friends and family together, and pasta remains central to those roots. The fun microsite will help us bring GiNO to life in a new, exciting way.”

Once the brand goes live later this fall, the website will offer a shopping cart for consumers to buy directly from the site. It will also feature a store locator to allow retailers who sell GiNO to earn royalties on mattresses sold within their market area.

GiNO, a single, boxed mattress offering, features Magniflex’s proprietary foam that allows for quick recovery so that the product is ready for use in less than 10 minutes. It comes in a 10-inch profile and medium comfort level – appealing to wide range of preferences – the mattress is constructed with the company’s signature memory foam, Memoform, and Waterlattex®. A silver fiber fabric cover provides cooling and restorative sleep features, making the product both durable and comfortable. Priced to retail at $1,299 MSRP in queen, Magniflex will offer occasional promotional pricing for the GiNO at $999.


About Magniflex: Magniflex was founded nearly 60 years ago in a suburb of Florence, Italy, and today more than 35 million people in 99 countries sleep on Magniflex mattresses. Known as a world leader in quality, comfort and innovation, Magniflex was the first mattress company in the world to gain certifications from Oeko-Tex®. The company’s central manufacturing facility produces up to 10,000 mattresses a day, many of which are exported to countries such as Japan, Spain, Germany, Russia, the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.magniflex.com