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Read LED Lighting Update 2014

Published: 3/17/2014
Here’s the latest on price drops and quality improvements for the 4th generation of LED’s.

Read Time For Furniture Store LED's

Published: 3/20/2012
Today we can give a direct answer to the $64 question, “Are solid state lighting systems ready?”

Read The End For Your T-12 Fluorescents?

Published: 7/9/2010
Major legislation was just passed that affects T12 fluorescent lighting.

Read Path To Sustainable Retail Lighting. LEDS & More

Published: 10/4/2009
Retailers place great emphasis on sustainability in new construction projects, But what can be done in an existing store to move toward sustainability?

Read Top Ten Things Furniture Retailers Need To Know About Lighting

Published: 9/11/2008
Ten ways to improve your displays, save on your electricity costs and avoid the most common lighting mistakes.

Read Ask The LightingExpert: Halogen & Heat

Published: 9/13/2007
Contributing Editor & lighting expert Monte Lee tackles a tough lighting question posted to FURNITURE WORLD Magazine’s furninfo.com message board.

Read Beat Back Electricity Hikes With Efficient Lighting

Published: 6/9/2006
Monte Lee looks at ways to reduce your lighting and electricity costs without sacrificing the quality of your displays. Rates, government regulations and cost saving opportunities are discussed.

Read Better Lighting - Lower Cost

Published: 10/5/2005
Energy costs are rising, but home furnishings retailers can cut overall costs with new lighting technologies. Part 3 of this series by Monte Lee from FURNITURE WORLD's article archives shows you how to conserve without sacrificing the showroom appearance.

Read Store Lighting - Part 2 - It’s All About Color!

Published: 4/6/2005
This long awaited follow-up by Monte Lee shows how lighting with the right CRI and temperature can boost sales, while making the wrong choice might make your store look like the corner grocery.

Read The Mouse That Moves Furniture - CAD

Published: 6/11/2004
Installing A CAD System to do showroom layouts saves labor, cuts expenses, improves displays and provides valuable management information.

Read Store Lighting - Light Up Sales!

Published: 6/11/2004
You can trim electricity costs, labor costs and dramatically improve displays by completely revamping your store lighting. Take time to do it right or you will both waste money and lose sales. Monte Lee also looks at ways the lighting industry boosts their own profitability at your expense.