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Articles published in 2019

Employee Accountability in 2019  - 1/11/2019

Processes and checks must be put in place to ensure accountability in retail furniture workplaces.

Independent Retailers: Let's Do This  - 1/11/2019

It's not all doom and gloom for independent retailers.

The Stuff Retail Dreams Are Made On  - 1/11/2019

Chances are pretty good that William Shakespeare never shopped at a mattress store...

Editor's Corner: Everyone Loves An Underdog  - 1/11/2019

How can independent retailers compete with online behemoths and expansion hungry top-25 chains?

Bedding & Mattress Sales: Retail Sales Management  - 1/8/2019

Selling is everything in retail. That’s why the sales manager's job is so important.

Give Yourself a Break: Use Active Media in 2019  - 1/8/2019

Without an Active Media Platform in place you are just pouring money into a bucket full of holes.

Design & Designer Series: Keith Baltimore  - 1/6/2019

Interior designer and furnishings retailer Keith Baltimore shares his thoughts about the design & retail experience.

Retail Success: Studio J Home  - 1/6/2019

Recognizing a void in the central Ohio marketplace, June Sedlak Mooney created an artfully selected boutique environment.

Point/CounterPoint: Industry Sales Reps  - 1/2/2019

Will traditional representatives even exist 10 years from now?

How to Choose the Right Supplier  - 1/2/2019

30 Supplier Criteria that should be considered for potential suppliers.