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Nourison Shares Design Takeaways From Shay Geyer Of IBB Design And Scot Meacham Wood, Principal Designer Of SMW Design

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Floor covering and home accents manufacturer Nourison shares design takeaways from Shay Geyer of IBB Design and Scot Meacham Wood, Principal Designer of SMW Design. During Las Vegas Market in January, Nourison hosted a design talk with Shay and Scot focused on “How to Design a Winning Room Around a Rug,” moderated by James Swan of Million Dollar Decorating.

When it comes to creating concepts for a client, Scot tells us it’s important to ask the right questions. “It’s a lot conversations with the client - what the room needs to do, not just functionality but how they are going to live in it. To what level of formality, durability or functionality that the room needs.”

“It’s all about the look and the quality, and how that room is going to function for the client. We always put a spreadsheet together for our clients that detail what’s going in every room, so they have an idea what it is we are looking for that’s in that price range, says Shay.”

Scot talks about the importance of the room size and customizing a rug. “If it’s a non regularly shaped room, and it’s not a standard size, then we need a 12’ x 18’ rug. Then we’re getting into the need for at least customizing the size up and then you are dealing with time frame and budget.”

Shay discusses colorization of a custom rug, and getting color balances right. “I always start with Pantone colors, depending on whether we are designing it from scratch, or just taking a pattern that already exists and changing the colors, which can totally change the look of a rug. With some rugs you might have shading, like a charcoal grey, which gives those rugs depth. The more traditional style rugs, the ones that have antiquing, which Nourison does an amazing job on, could have 20-30 colors. A room can be gorgeous if the rug is the statement and the upholstery is very neutral around it. Then you sort of nod back to the colors in the rug and other aspects of the room.”

According to Shay, “The mark of a really good designer isn’t pinpointed to one specific aesthetic but instead designing for each individual client. When you meet the client, you can have a conversation with someone and pinpoint their hot buttons, such as colors they are drawn to or makes them feel happy. A rug can easily be inspiration for a room.”

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More about Nourison: Nourison is a leading global floor covering company that produces extensive collections of area rugs, broadloom carpet and home accessories at multiple price points from low to mid-market to luxury. A fully vertically integrated company, Nourison oversees almost every aspect of the manufacturing process and produces over 85% of their product assortment from sustainable, natural fibers. Their quality, extensive inventory and speed to market has made them valuable partners in the home furnishings and hospitality industries. Their product assortment includes licensed collections from well-know brands including Calvin Klein, Kathy Ireland, Waverly, Barclay Butera, Joseph Abboud, Peanuts and more. Nourison was founded in 1980 by the Peykar brothers in New York and still remains a family-owned company. For more information, visit www.nourison.com.

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