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Six Rules For Planning Your Next Big Event

Planning a BIG EVENT is a lot like planning a wedding. It takes time, thought, and budgeting. Here are ideas to consider if you want to maximize the return on your next big event.

Marketing Made In America

Tips from retailers and marketing experts on how to position your company for success if you choose to promote domestically sourced furniture.

Going Where The Money is!

Study shows that the 20% of affluent households, that account for more than 40% of home furnishings sales, are increasingly shopping at specialty retailers.

Helping Before Selling

Part 1: Free yourself from a “churn and burn” attitude that ignores the true value of your customers.

A Tale of Two Talents

A Tale of Two Talents: How we, as an industry, need to support design creativity.

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LED filament bulbs

Posted 5/6/2015

Factories that drop ship

Posted 4/28/2015

Posted 4/21/2015

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Posted 5/27/2015

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Volume 145 NO.2 March/April issue cover photo

Cover Photo: Click here to view the latest digital edition. The New Vintage Collection from Broyhill offers fresh interpretations of timeless classics. Pieces for bedroom, dining, living room, and entertainment. Designer style and quality at an affordable price. Visit www.heritagehome.com.

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