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The Art & Science of Retail Scents

Research and anecdotal evidence shows that ambient scenting in retail stores improves the customer experience. Precisely how to scent a store, however, requires a lot of thought and attention to detail.

The Customer Service Challenge

Challenge yourself to find at least five opportunities in each example presented in this article to turn good into great customer service!

Sell More Rugs Than You Thought Possible - Part 2

More success strategies from rug experts of vital interest to retail furniture store owners, buyers and sales professionals. The discussion continues (from September/October Furniture World) with an emphasis on retail sales training programs and sales techniques.

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Rules For Split Sales

Posted 10/3/2014

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Furniture Consumer Forum  Consumer Message Board


Posted 12/18/2014

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Volume 144 NO.6 November/December issue cover photo

Cover Photo: Click here to view the latest digital edition. It’s a new day at American-made Borkholder Furniture. Here, the new Transitions collection explores the intersection of heirloom quality furniture and mid-century Scandinavian design. See more information  www.borkholderfurniture.com.

Furniture Industry News  Furniture Industry News

Groovystuff Expands Winter Internship Program

The curriculum for this 25 day internship is designed to provide future graduates with real world job experience in the residential home furnishings industry prior to their graduation.

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