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Weekly Better Bedding Selling Tip #6 - Who Needs an Power Base?

Furniture World Magazine

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Who is the customer for adjustable bases? The answer is everyone. A Power  Base sleep set is great for the customer who just wants to sit and watch television, read or work in bed. It’s also great for people who have allergies or acid reflux and need their upper bodies elevated for nasal drainage or to keep acid where it’s supposed to be.

Power Bases are ideal for those with ailments like Scoliosis, Diabetes, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis (narrowing of the spinal column), disk compressions, bulging disc etc. When you combine adjustable bases with Specialty Sleep Mattresses like the Ashley Sleep Advanced Memory Foam or Talalay Latex, you give the customer the customization of adjusting the mattress into the position they prefer and they gain the benefits of no pressure points and resiliency of the material.

By elevating the legs on an adjustable base bed, you reduce the stretching and pressure in the lower back. By elevating the upper body you align the neck and spine and increase nasal drainage for people with sinus congestion during the night.

Your shopper will not feel the painful pressure on their tailbones and hips when sitting up in bed when they combine our foams with a power base, unlike the uncomfortable pain you feel when in a conventional mattress. This further enhances the overall lifestyle experience. People are spending more time in their bedrooms catching up and relaxing from the busy day.

While proper use of an Power Bed Base can alleviate many of the symptoms noted above-don’t be a doctor and prescribe an adjustable base as a “cure-all”-let your customers know that many people gain comfort, but you are not a medical expert.

Next week-Comfort and Alignment Selling

This series is written by Gordon Hecht and Denny Bradford, Ashley Sleep Directors of Sales. To comment or ask a question on any of the bedding tips in this series, contact Gordon Hecht at ghecht@ashleyfurniture.com.

Gordon Hecht is a 35+ year veteran of the Furniture Business, starting as a delivery helper in Las Vegas, NV.  He has served as a Regional Manager and Director of Training for a large Midwestern chain.  Currently with Ashley Sleep  division of  Ashley Furniture Industries, Gordon travels the East, Midwest, and Canada training retail sales teams on selling bedding and works with store owners to maximize sales.  Gordon resides in Columbus, OH with his wife, and has one adult son.

Denny Bradford started in the bedding business as a store manager for a Texas based waterbed dealer.  His 18 years of sales and management experience includes directing a seven-store bedding chain and serving as Bedding Director for a Dallas based retailer. Denny covers the Western US and Canada for Ashley Sleep.  He resides outside of Dallas, TX with his wife and son.

Gordon Hecht is a Growth and Development Manager for National Bedding Company’s America’s Mattress stores, nearly 400 locally owned and operated bedding stores across the country selling Serta-branded and America’s Mattress-branded mattresses. He started his 30+ years experience in the Home Furnishings industry in Las Vegas, NV as a delivery helper and driver.

He has been recognized for outstanding sales and management achievement with several organizations including Ashley Furniture HomeStores, Drexel-Heritage, RB Furniture, Reliable Stores, and Sofa Express. He has served as Store Manager, Multi-unit manager and National Director of Sales. With his first-hand knowledge of our industry’s front line, Gordon has devoted his career to guiding others to exceed their goals.

Joining National Bedding Company in 2014, as part of the Serta Retail Concepts Group, his goal is to grow America’s Mattress stores into one of the fastest growing bedding retailers in the country.

Co-author of the “Better Bedding Selling Tips” featured on Furniture World Online, Gordon has been a frequent contributor to company newsletters, and contributing writer for industry magazines.
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