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Artistic Sensations Internet Furniture Sales Tip #3: The Sales Presentation

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Once your customer has narrowed down the type of product they're looking for, your website should be able to provide all of the information about the product in a very clear fashion so that the customer can make a decision.

Here are some tips:

  • A good photo of the product is always important. Multiple photos of the product are even better and help your customer decide whether or not the product is the right one. 
  • Make sure your product information shows all of the options; small, medium, large, red white and blue, that they might be looking for. 
  • Don’t confuse your customers with difficult or complex shipping costs. 
  • Keep it simple and clearly explain any inventory problems, back orders or unique shipping requirements. 
  • Don't forget to show add-on products, or related products. 
  • Is your shopping cart clear and easy to understand? Your shopping cart should show a small thumbnail of the product and all of the option sizes and shipping information that goes with it. The shopping cart should also give them the ability to change the quantity they want to buy or remove the item.

About Kim Gellman: Kim Gellman, owner of Artistic Sensations, sells kids bedding and furniture online and has been in business for 15 years.

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